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Jonas Geißler
Entrepreneur Jonas Geißler
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Jonas Geißler is Speaker, Spiegel Bestseller Author, Executive Coach, Lecturer, Systemic Organisational Consultant and THE Time Expert in the DACH region. The entrepreneur of passion and serial entrepreneur has gained a core knowledge in his many years of experience: It's all a matter of time. Whether a team or company wants to become more innovative, more sustainable, healthier or more productive, it is always a matter of time whether it succeeds or not. It is therefore worthwhile to put on the "temporal glasses", to consciously shape one's own time culture and to promote responsibility for an effective use of time. What skills are needed for this? What can a sustainable culture of time look like? Jonas Geißler's impulses provide answers to these and other questions about a wise and sovereign use of time. In his workshops, lectures and panel discussions, he transports the time perspective with all its facets in an entertaining and humorous way. The "temporal" knows how to entertain, challenge and inspire its audience. He attaches particular importance to practicability and tangible measures for practice.


Time is Honey - About the wise use of time!

  • How to use your time “sensibly” and become more self-effective
  • How to make time decisions more consciously, become more satisfied and expand your time well-being
  • How to organise your time to unleash unimaginable creativity and encourage new innovations
  • How efficient time structures contribute to a stress-free and focused way of working and promote productivity


It’s all a matter of time - Why the “time is money” logic comes to cost us dearly

  • How to manage time in a way that is in harmony with natural regeneration and enables sustainable value creation
  • How to make time decisions to work and live healthier
  • How you as a company promote a sustainable culture of time that is oriented towards meaning, efficiency and adaptability & become more attractive as an employer 


Time & Leadership - Master your time - Master your team

  • How to make better time decisions and promote more effective teams
  • How to identify temporal tension fields & develop tailored solutions
  • How to promote a collaborative culture of time in which time is used responsibly
  • How to develop time competence, become more focused and work more productively

References & Press

Customer statements: Daimler, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa, Siemens, Haniel, Bosch, Cartier, IWC, Richemont, Credit Suisse, LMU Munich, University of Konstanz, Munich University of Applied Sciences, Fraunhofer Institute, Bavarian Parliament, City of Zurich, German Aerospace Center, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Stuttgarter Zeitung, Nagel Group, City of Munich, Meta Design, Post Schweiz, Haufe Akademie, Migros, Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe, etc.


"Jonas was a keynote speaker at #PTT2023. Our audience is demanding because they have heard a lot. Jonas has nevertheless managed to touch it, because he is really rethinking time management. His thoughts on the much-efforted need of time make one ponder, his impulses have a lasting effect. I had the feeling that the audience was captivated, not least because Jonas is a brilliant speaker: competent, calm and humorous." 
Nicole Bußmann, editor-in-chief managerSeminars and organizer of the congress Petersberger Trainertage, Königswinter


“Jonas Geißler is a wonderful guest on the podium, because in a highly sympathetic way he constantly stimulates people to rethink, to self-observation and to self-guide – not only in the wise handling of time. He encourages us to consciously set the basic coordinates of our lives ourselves, from alien determination to personal freedom. To put it somewhat pathetically: He motivates us to recognize our desire for life – and to live!”
Nina Ruge, journalist, author and presenter


" ́In the search of excellence ́ Jonas Geißler has accompanied us on an intensive development process for over two years. The aim was to develop synergies in the team, to learn from each other and to optimize collaboration – always in search of excellence! In the form of team workshops, individual consultations, peer-to-peer exchange and intensive feedback processes, we have successfully achieved these goals together with him. In addition to his professional expertise, I appreciate Jonas Geißler's trusting collaboration, uncomplicated contact and the necessary portion of humour to ensure that the fun doesn't come short.“
Peter Justenhoven, Wholesale Director, Cartier


“How good that we took the time for the time! Jonas Geißler knew how, with a wonderful blend of professional competence, pragmatic philosophy and a good dose of humour, our
Not only to stimulate the management team to think about how to deal with time, but also to give very concrete stimuli to break through fixed everyday patterns and try out new things. Even small things have a big effect: For example, we now always start our management rounds with a minute of silence, which actually strengthens concentration and presence noticeably and leads to more efficient meetings!“
Jürgen Siebenrock, Lufthansa Group Vice President Sales Home Markets & Global Key Account Management


“Mr. Geißler has helped me in a very impressive way to look at time differently, more consciously than before. And I like this look very much, because, as soon as it sits down, it intuitively allows me to change my habits to better deal with even when time is felt to be scarce. After all, sometimes it depends on the small things!” Dr. Christian Grumaz, Fraunhofer Institute for Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnolgy IGB


"Jonas Geißler wants to enable people to discover their own resources and ask themselves: Where do I feel like I am? Because the more quality you live, the stronger you become." Martina Scherf, Süddeutsche Zeitung


"Time researcher Jonas Geißler knows, success wants to have a while," Wings Magazine


"Actually, everyone is given the same amount of time every day. But why do most of us feel differently? Why is it that some people feel burned out and stressed? Time consultant Jonas Geißler knows the answer, the problem – and a solution strategy." National Geographic


"When are we finally there?" Time expert Jonas Geißler explains how parents teach patience and what can be learned from a child's sense of time." Time Online


"Alev Doğan talks to sociologist and time expert Jonas Geissler about how people deal with time in postmodernism and the desperate attempt to control it. An eighth day about paradoxical perception of time and life in the present."The Pioneer Media


“We can’t have time at all. Anyone who says that is either doing something else right now or is dead,” says time expert Jonas Geißler.



Alles eine Frage der Zeit: Warum die »Zeit ist Geld«-Logik Mensch und Natur teuer zu stehen kommt

ISBN : 3962382488

20.00 €


Time is honey: Vom klugen Umgang mit der Zeit

ISBN : 396006022X

15.00 €



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