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Don't be afraid of fear - it's the fuel on the way to your goal!



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Judith Odu
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Judith Odu, IT specialist and business coach (IHK), is an expert when it comes to personal development. Her life has been her teacher. She arrived in Germany from Nigeria in 2005 at the age of 19 without knowing a soul. Her motivation was to study mechanical engineering in the country with the greatest wealth of experience - free from limitations and family constraints. She quickly had to learn what it means to stand on your own two feet in a foreign country and take on responsibility. Through a multitude of her own life challenges, she learned to use her own fear to drive her success and achieve her goals. In her coaching sessions and talks, she shares her lived knowledge of success paired with her business coaching experience and takes her participants with her on her journey. She knows how to humorously demonstrate methods for transforming fear into positive energy and using it as fuel for the goals you have set yourself. She encourages people to overcome obstacles and not to be afraid of falling down - because when you get up, you can keep going.


Power of Fear - The power of fear

  • Fear is the gateway to more
  • How to use the energy of fear as an engine to achieve your goals
  • How to use fear and respect as important tools for success

Personality Power - The power of personality

  • How to discover and develop your talents and skills
  • How to strengthen your strengths and gain confidence
  • How to become the hero of your business & life

Focus Power - the power of goals

  • How to develop your personal roadmap using the "micro-step method"
  • How to use the power of concentration in a targeted way
  • How to overcome unforeseeable hurdles and achieve your goals with the "Smart Plan Strategy"

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"Wow, what an impressive presentation! In just a few minutes, Judith Odu manages to convey her message in an emotional and meaningful way. She is an impressive speaker and a real expert. I am very much looking forward to experiencing many more inputs, talks and inspirations from her. Her vision has made a lasting impression on me."
Nadine Syring


"Judith is a fantastic speaker. Powerful and convincing. I listened to her with admiration. Highly recommended."
Maria de Lourdes Alves da Silva


"Excellent speaker, great stage presence, deep and moving message. Highly recommended."
Felix Danberg

"Top speaker! Highly recommended, she captivated me!"
Sandra Marusic

"A wonderful and very tough young woman. Respect for this achievement. Great presentation."
Manuela Ortmann

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