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Kai Schimmelfeder

More success in business through public funding, grants and subsidies!



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Kai Schimmelfeder
Speaker Kai Schimmelfeder
  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit dem "Fördermittel-Papst" Kai Schimmelfeder

  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! "Fördermittel-Papst" Kai Schimmelfeder verrät uns sein Geheimnis!

  • Fördermittel Vortrag im Kino mit Kai Schimmelfeder

  • Mehr Unternehmenserfolg durch die richtigen Fördergelder | Webinar mit Kai Schimmelfeder

  • Kai Schimmelfeder | Nachhaltige Investitionen finanzieren

  • Digitale Investitionen fördern lassen - clever die Gegenwart zerstören | Kai Schimmelfeder

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Kai Schimmelfeder is Mr. Fördermittel and the "Fördermittel-Papst", is a multiple book author and successful entrepreneur with a passion and the expert on the topic of public funding, grants and subsidies and their concrete use for entrepreneurial success. As a multiple award-winning subsidy expert, he and his team have carried out over 13,200 consultations to date and accompany small, medium-sized and large companies as well as start-ups in investment projects with public subsidies. In his consultations, seminars and lectures, "Mister Subsidies" Kai Schimmelfeder inspires his audience with his concentrated practical knowledge and motivates you to break new ground. Kai Schimmelfeder is a man who loves the concrete, and this is reflected in his personal successes and awards. Intense, focused, future-oriented, confident, extraordinary, refreshing, surprising, an enrichment and masterful - this is how clients, customers and participants describe Kai Schimmelfeder's presentation style.


Enter the funding jungle for more success in your company!

  • Companies that use subsidy programs are successful
  • When is there how much funding and for what?
  • Procedure for companies with tips
  • Which of the more than 5,100 subsidy programs suit which company?
  • Which mistakes should be avoided?
  • What is the first step?
  • The path to more success

Success factor subsidies - How to use public subsidy programs for your business growth!

  • Today, tomorrow - your future!
  • Will to achieve and success
  • Give up, keep going, become a champion!
  • Growth investments and public support programs
  • Concreteness, speed, energy
  • Exponential growth with public funding - The state wants it that way!
  • If you don't invest, you start to die!

Rules of the game for the financing success of start-ups

  • Startups always need funding
  • Scalable products and funding - MVP and more
  • Liquidity for exponential growth
  • Valve solutions from public funding
  • Pre-seed, seed and start-up phase and then the road to exit
  • Let's build a unicorn!

Other topics:

  • Company acquisition, M&A, MBI, MBO - How to successfully structure the sale of a company with public subsidies
  • Artificial intelligence, digitalization and the future - How to successfully use the right subsidies
  • The L.O.C. - Principle - Recognize business opportunities, use them and realize them concretely



References & Press

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"Star of his industry!“ Oberpfalz Medien

"Subsidy world champion“ Peter Härtling, Präsident des BDRD

"He's the funding god!“ Max Scheurer, Managing Director

"Kai Schimmelfeder is THE funding expert!“ 
Karen Heinrichs, SAT. 1

"He's the grant pope!“ Tageszeitung: Der neue Tag

"The billionaire man!“ TV-Sendung, Scherer Daily

"It creates enthusiasm among our customers!"
Jörg Rositzke, Managing Director, TV station Hamburg 1


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  • Top financial coach (02/2022 supplement), among others.
  • TOP DIENSTLEISTER 2022, 2021, 2020, etc.
  • TOP RECOMMENDATION 2022, 2021, 2020, etc.
  • TOP EXPERT 2022, 2021
  • Top Consultant 2020, 2016, 2014/15



Erfolgsfaktor Fördermittel: Wie Sie europäische Förderprogramme für Ihr Unternehmenswachstum nutzen!

ISBN : 3752824719

49.95 €


Unternehmenskauf erfolgreich finanzieren: Fördermittel-Geheimnisse die erfolgreiche Käufer nutzen

ISBN : 375282381X

27.95 €



Funding expert Kai Schimmelfeder attracts more audiences to the Cineplex than many a thriller - Hier geht es zum Artikel 

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  • Practical relevance

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