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Prof. Dr. Karina Lergenmüller
Trainer Prof. Dr. Karina Lergenmüller


Prof. Dr. Karina Lergenmüller is the financial expert for the self-employed and private investors in German-speaking countries. She used severe personal crises and several strokes of fate as a source of strength to build up her own wealth. This gave rise to her proven financial concepts, which she has been using for over 20 years to help managers and companies systematically increase their cash flow and build wealth in a targeted manner. As a professor of economics, one of her main areas of research was the question of what makes self-made millionaires and billionaires and what methods ordinary investors can use to build wealth in a short space of time. As a member of the supervisory board of several listed companies and investment companies, she develops investment strategies with the management boards. At the same time, she teaches business and financial topics to children. She brings this lightness of touch to her seminars, coaching sessions and talks, inspiring people with her positive manner and getting to the heart of complicated financial knowledge in a simple and practical way.

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In 90 Tagen zum Millionärs-Mindset – Die Leichtigkeit des Geldes

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