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Kathrin Renée Schüpbach-Schäfer
Trainer Kathrin Renée Schüpbach-Schäfer
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Kathrin Renée Schüpbach-Schäfer, author, speaker, trainer and passionate entrepreneur, is an expert when it comes to leadership and personal development. Fascinated by people and their limitless potential, she founded her QueensRanchAcademy in Switzerland over 20 years ago, which is considered the most modern training center. Prior to this, she held various top positions in the business world. Most recently, she was responsible for HR management at a large company with over 6,500 employees. During these years, she trained thousands of people and accompanied them on their way to becoming successful managers. To this end, she developed the QRA method, which trains managers on the basis of horse DNA. The horses she uses reflect her own leadership behavior directly, honestly and unsparingly. Her clients include SMEs and international corporations. In her training sessions and lectures, she fascinates her participants because she conveys complex topics with humor and ease. She knows how to inspire people and encourage them to push their own boundaries.



The human whisperer - I turn a boss into a stallion

  • How to put your leadership system to the test, change your perspective and gain important insights
  • How you can benefit from the laws of nature and the DNA of horses for your leadership
  • What you can learn from the horses' feedback for your leadership behavior
  • How the stallion becomes a stallion and what this means for you and your leadership role


The laws of nature as a success factor 

  • Mare or stallion, leadership needs both
  • How to recognize and analyse the advantages of stallion and mare characteristics and use them in a targeted manner for specific situations
  • Doing makes a difference - How to move from talking to acting and experience your own leadership behavior
  • What you can learn about your leadership style from the horses' non-verbal feedback 

Conflicts are AWESOME - 
Don't be afraid of conflicts, they are the signpost for much more!

  • Find out what type of conflict you are and what this means for your communication strategy
  • How and why conflicts arise and how you can recognize them early on
  • How to turn conflicts into a win-win situation and create great things

Further topics:

Systemic order - the power of clarity for more growth

Emotions as a success factor - 
How to dissolve inhibiting emotions and break down boundaries


References & Press

Extract of company references: 
Migros, UBS, Basler Kantonalbank, Zürcher Kantonalbank, L'Oréal, Zurich City Police, Aargau Military Administration, Mobiliar Insurance, Actelion AG, Hoffmann la Roche, Schindler AG, EOS Holding GmbH, Swiss Air, Esprit Holdings, Basler Versicherung, Gschaffig AG, Neue Aargauer Bank, Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG and many more.


"The fascination of receiving such direct, uninfluenced feedback on mental presence and actions is unique and very valuable. There is no better mirror for your own external impact. Thanks to Kathrin Renée's professional guidance, the days at the ranch have always had great added value for our company and managers over the past ten years."
Andreas Fischer, Managing Director, Schindler AG Basel

"She dispenses with the usual blah blah blah, but gets to the point together with her horses. Authentic, warm and touching!"
Christoph Müller, Team Leader, Risk Protekta Consulting



Konflikte sind Geil!

ISBN : 123


Du hast dich selbst in der Hand: Zieh an den Fäden für dein selbstbestimmtes Leben


0.00 €


Ryh und die kleine Prinzessin im Zwiegespräch: Eine Parabel für Kinder & Erwachsene, die auf der Suche nach Antworten sind

ISBN : 3038303801

22.30 €


Werde zum Meister Deines Lebens: Der Weg zu Deinem persönlichen Erfolg

ISBN : 3038303321

30.00 €



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QueensRanch Business Club "The Art of Leadersip"

Experience the secrets of leadership success in what is probably the most exclusive business club in Switzerland ever! Kathrin Renée Schüpbach-Schäfer and her experts will be your personal trainers for a whole 15 months. Moderators and coaches! They will accompany you the whole time on your way to your big goals!

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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Audience interaction

  • Practical relevance

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