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Katja Porsch
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  • Wecke den Macher in Dir!

  • BVMW - My Coaching Day 2017

  • Was würdest Du tun, wenn Du keine Angst hättest?

  • Busfahrer oder Passagier?!

  • Wer wegrennt, wird gefressen – Wecke den Macher in DIR! // Webinar mit Katja Porsch

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If anyone knows how to turn things around again and again when they don't go the way they should, it's Katja Porsch. In her mid-20s, she had her own Porsche in front of her door, was one of the strongest salespeople in the real estate industry, a successful entrepreneur - and in her mid-30s, she went bankrupt for the second time. Loss of commissions, several bad decisions and the fear of failure led Katja to her personal end. But the ability to never give up, to focus on the future and to see the opportunity in every problem led Katja back to the top. Today, she supports companies and their employees to motivate themselves again and again and to surpass themselves. She takes away people's fear of mistakes and possible failure, creating teams that are unstoppable. In this way, she creates complete mindset transformations, helps participants to develop their full potential and, above all, gets them to implement it. Katja Porsch is one of the top speakers in the field of motivation, personality and mindset transformation. She has given over 1000 talks and seminars, is the author of 6 books, lives in Berlin and Hollywood and, in addition to her career, is an ambassador for Straßenkinder e.V. (Street Children Association).


RECOVER THE MAKER IN YOU - for he who runs away will be eaten

  • If you wait, you will be overtaken: How not to let adverse
    circumstances, doubts and obstacles and turn negative energy into
    energy into doer energy
  • He who knows himself can control himself - how to recognize and understand your hidden,
    internal mechanisms, understand them and change them so that they lead you
    they lead you to your goal
  • If you live in the past, you will never conquer the future:
    How to let go of old experiences, have the courage to take new paths
    and become the creator of your future success with the focus shift.


  • Why change has long since ceased to be a process, but a
    State - and how you can learn to love and steer this state
  • Mindset shift: How we create new realities, don't wait for change, but steer it and always stay one step ahead
  • Solving Problems, Seizing Opportunities: How we disempower problems, seize opportunities, and stop getting in our own way.

From USP to UPP -
Who "only" sells, sells nothing more

  • The USP is dead - why it's not the product, but the personality that sells and how you can become the best "sales personality" you can be
  • How you go from being an information broker to a relationship tuner 4.0
    and turn customers into fans
  • Why classic consulting is being replaced by AI and what it really takes today
    and what it really takes today to win and keep customers

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We have had more inquiries and orders in the 4 weeks after working with Katja
and orders than we've had all year." Maria Obiltschnig, CEO Applied Software Engenierung

"Probably the most honest motivational trainer in Germany".
Radio eins

"This was one of the best presentations on sales. Really
practical and also very lively presentation - compliments."
Günter Apeltauer, Generalbevollmächtigter Volksbank Neckartal

"With her stage presence, Katja Porsch immediately manages to gain the 100% attention of all participants.
attention of all participants for herself. It is really
fun to see how this topic is presented to the target group in a motivating,
motivating, entertaining and with metaphors from everyday life.
presented." Alexander Boneberger, RedBull



Verkaufsprofiling: Wie Sie Ihre Kunden lesen und lenken (Whitebooks)

ISBN : 9783869366371

19.90 €


Wenn dir das Leben in den Hintern tritt, tritt zurück: Wie du kriegst, was du willst

ISBN : 978-3903090811

19.95 €


Wecke den Macher in dir!

ISBN : 978-3000627576


Zukunfts-Code: Wie Digitalisierung und künstliche Intelligenz unsere Arbeitswelt verändern und wie wir darauf reagieren können

ISBN : 978-3990600788

22.00 €


30 Minuten Verkaufsabschluss

ISBN : 978-3869366043

8.90 €


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