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Katrin Gugl

Excellent Sales Performance - Agile Recruiting Processes - Change Leadership... in Retail & Sales. "Because we decide today what retail & sales will look like in 2030."



Management, Leadership & Change


Katrin Gugl
Speaker Katrin Gugl
  • Dr. Marcus Meyer (HUGO BOSS) und Katrin Gugl | Human Retail

  • Knallhart Nachgefragt mit Retail - Expertin Katrin Gugl

  • Katrin Gugl im LIVE-Webinar - Der Einzelhandel in der Corona-Krise

  • Mindshift "Remote Leadership 4.0"

  • Vom Verkäufer zum KundenGLÜCKlichmacher TRAILER | Der Online-Kurs von Katrin Gugl

  • Katrin Gugl | Kunden Excellence 4.0 – This business is people business

  • Katrin Gugl - ImageTrailer

  • Katrin Gugl - Image-Trailer (Short)

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"Competent. Courageous. Visionary." Katrin Gugl speaks out what others only think quietly. New World & New Work has long since caught up with retail and sales. Whoever does not get involved in this constantly changing journey and an innovative Customer & Employer Experience, does not exist tomorrow, anymore. For more than 25 years, Katrin Gugl has been an expert for high-turnover sales performance and unique customer excellence as well as effective change leadership and agile recruiting processes. Mindset, change competence, courage for constant innovation and error culture are the success drivers of this new business. In her lectures, Katrin Gugl presents strategic mindshifts with well-founded analyses and accurate success stories from a wide range of industries. The audience senses her experience, her curiosity and her clear ability to reflect on the dynamics of the market in a time of disruption. She is in the middle of today's moving topics and inspires with her high emotional connection to the audience and professional competence. A presentation by Katrin Gugl is always characterized by motivation, enthusiasm and innovative power for people and brands.


Excellent sales performance in retail & distribution


  • Mega trends in retail and sales: the customer's search for more life, meaning and service.
  • From the Customer Journey to the "Relationship Journey, how to build and sustain positive emotions and relationships.
  • Salesperson? Consultant? Excellent host! - How to inspire people and customers with personal clarity, inner focus and energetic ease and sell in a sympathetic way.

Recruiting (S)kills 4.0 - new Spirit & new Power

How to attract the right candidates with focus, freedom and feeling.

  • Change Mindset Recruiting: From "Where has everyone gone?" to an "All Generation" strategy in the recruiting process.
  • Recruiting Empowerment: Your team decides, because today recruiting is not only a matter of HR.
  • Candidate journey: How to create an attractive candidate experience and attract the right candidates.
  • Recruiting is more: How creative and individual pre and onboarding connects people and brands.

Change Leadership – thats New Leadership

From manager to employeePOTENTIAL developer - moving, clear and energetic.

  • Courage. Attitude. Confidence - How the personal change mindset decides as a leader.
  • Space. Anchor. Boundaries - How to live and strengthen resilience & motivation in change processes.
  • Structure. Reflection. Innovation - How to accompany and inspire employees and teams with effective change tools.

More topics:

Retail Reset 
Retail 2025 needs real mindshifts - without detours! Without overthinking! Now!

Online offers:

  • Corona Gold Pieces
  • From seller to customer HAPPY

References & Press

Extract from the list of references:

Payone, WMF, Thomas Sabo, Le Creuset, Reutlinger General Anzeiger, Messe Frankfurt, Holy AG, Le Creuset, Rosentahl, Kneipp, Terzo Hörgeräte, Hugo Boss, Rid Stiftung, Rosenthal, Marketing Club Nürnberg, Schiesser, UGG, Campus 21, Scotch & Soda, Olymp, Falke, Mc Arthur Glen, Lindt, Europa Möbel, Value Retail,

"(...) Your presentation was excellent, sympathetic, competent and at eye level with our guests. Thank you very much! ... The cooperation was characterized by commitment, flexibility, passion and a good pinch of humor, in short: It was fun, successful and I would very much like to tackle similar topics together with Katrin Gugl on occasion. Thank you very much!" Panagiotis Karasavvoglou, Executive Director, PAYONE GmbH

"Absolutely inspiring keynote, which carried away our retail managers of different segments. (...) Your presentation was an enrichment for the entire Outlet City Metzingen."
Regine Schöllkopf-Pinakidis, Director Sales, Channel Classic Holy AG

"Retail is Detail - whether in retail or for us bankers. In her lively and rousing presentation, Ms. Gugl gave inspiring impulses and practical insights into how we can use digitalization and still not lose our customers, but retain them with emotion. Many thanks for that!"
Eva Barth, Teamleitung Marketing, Volksbank Ermstal Alb

„The Kick Off Keynote ...was an experience. Thank you Katrin Gugl. You carried the audience away with a perfect mix of professionalism, zeitgeist, humor at the right time and your retail expertise." Martin Wendelin Bäuml, Managing Director Ingolstadt Village

"(...) I can recommend Katrin Gugl to anyone in stationary retail who wants to proactively face the changing challenges of the future." Burkhard Wolters, Head of Retail, Olymp Retail KG

Katrin Gugl convinces with authenticity and charming professionalism.
She has mastered the appropriate keyboard. She "burns" for the topic and thus knows how to "ignite" momentum for successful implementations. We from the Marketing Club Nuremberg were and are enthusiastic. We wish you continued success! Peter M. Hache, Präsident Marketing Club Nürnberg


Online Courses

Katrin Gugl offers 2 courses, 1 lectures and 
0 impulses on Excellence Academy.


KundenGLÜCKlichmacher | Der Online-Kurs mit Katrin Gugl


Corona Goldstücke | Der Online-Kurs mit Katrin Gugl

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