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Klaus-Jürgen Deuser
Speaker Klaus-Jürgen Deuser
  • Klaus-Jürgen Deuser - Mit Einzigartigkeit zur Nummer 1!

  • Vortrag Mut Berlin 2019

  • Klaus-Jürgen Deuser | Keine Angst vor neuen Ideen

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Klaus Jürgen "Knacki" Deuser is a humor legend, TV producer, agency head and talent promoter with a passion. In the past, he stirred up the comedy world with NightWash, now he helps people and entire companies to raise their presentation culture to a new level with Stagehacks - the knowledge of professionals.


The interactive edutainment lecture

  • With the interactive edutainment lecture Stagehacks - the knowledge of professionals, Knacki Deuser provides a holistic overview of the world of public speaking.
  • A world in transition not only needs new ideas, it also needs people who are able to successfully present their ideas and plans.
  • Including the appropriate implementation approaches #presentationsskills & #camerawork that you will probably have a hard time finding elsewhere.
    1,5 - 2,5 hours of training and entertainment


More charisma - more relaxed presentation

  • With the impulse lecture Stagehacks - the knowledge of the pros, Klaus-Jürgen "Knacki" Deuser shows that magic moments on stage, in conversation or in front of the camera don't have to be a coincidence.
  • The more AIs like ChatGPT ensure that texts are generated and optimized ever faster, the more game-changing the quality of your presentation becomes.
  • But a confident appearance is not only important for questions of content and knowledge transfer, it is the basis of how you are perceived as a personality in public.
  • A 60-minute impulse lecture full of insider tips and quirky stories.
  • To go with each lecture, all participants are supplied with access data for the closed Vimeo channel #stagehacks with 48 detailed tutorials for one month.



References & Press

Klaus-Jürgen "Knacki" Deuser, a high-performance athlete and business administration graduate, can now look back on more than 35 years of stage experience, which began with an acting apprenticeship in New York. With the TV show NightWash, for which he received the German Comedy Award in 2016, he has built a springboard for an entire generation of German comedians. With his agency Stand-up & More, he advises artists and produces media formats for ARD and ZDF, among others. But in addition to his own career, his great passion has always been how to pass on knowledge and give new ideas and talents a chance.

„One of the absolute best in his field." Wirtschaftswoche

"Thanks to Knacki, I'm never home again. A fortunate or unfortunate thing - depending on whom you ask."Torsten Sträter

"This is the second time Klaus-Jürgen Deuser has hosted the German Audiobook Award. We are delighted."WDR & Lit. Cologne

"Mr. Deuser was a stroke of luck. With his lecture he was still able to put his personal touch and provided enthusiasm. Brilliant!" Siemens Industry Software



Stagehacks: Das Wissen der Profis

ISBN : 978-3948373559

28.80 €


Stehende ältere Herren

ISBN : 3499632845

9.99 €


Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Audience interaction

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