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Kris Lenart

HAPPINESS MIND - With joy to success



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Kris Lenart
Speaker Kris Lenart
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Kris Lenart, speaker, coach, trainer as well as lecturer at the European Academy is an expert in personal development. He stands for growth and wherever Kris appears, people and companies start to grow. He has been coaching celebrities in business, film, sports and medicine for over 20 years. On over 588 stages, in more than 25 countries around the world he moved over 112,000 people to come into their full potential. His clients include well-known small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. Full of energy and humor, Kris enchants the audience to dive into a new mental world. Kris breaks all mental limitations and mobilizes the power of the heart for success. Lightness is guaranteed here.


Happiness MIND

From heaviness to lightness

  • How to dissolve negative beliefs and break all limitations.
  • How psychological logotherapeutic basics serve as a success factor.
  • How the inner attitude becomes a permanent mood booster.

Happiness YOU

  • From self-criticism to a strong personality
  • How to stop the constant self-criticism and step into your superhero identity.
  • How to maintain your peak state permanently with ease.
  • How your identity becomes the foundation for challenging situations.

Happiness LIFE

From dissatisfaction to enthusiasm

  • How you become aware of your unique ability.
  • How you put your horsepower on the road and touch people deep in their hearts.
  • How you trigger unimagined energies and change the world sustainably.

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"Kris Lenart is a born speaker. He has a great gift for motivating and energizing people with love and dedication."
Harry Holzheu, CEO, Holzheu AG, Zurich


"Kris knows how to reach the heart of one man, ten people, and (even) hundreds in a crowd. He lives what he says which gives the power to his words." Radim Passer, CEO, Passerinvest Group


"Kris Lenart embodies a humanly grounded personality and that too with heart and sympathy. Kris has remained humble despite his above-average charisma."
Marcel Oeschger, CEO, Winterthur Life General Agency, Zug, Switzerland


"Kris Lenart imparted valuable practical advice and real-life tips to UBS acquirers in Zurich."
Adrean Schmied, Sales & Segment Manager, UBS Wealth Management, Zurich


"Kris is a very good listener on the one hand, and a persuasive communicator on the other." Markus Mast, Member of the Executive Board, APP Unternehmensberatung AG, Bern


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