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Lily Mizani is THE national and international expert for acquisition and hunting. She has made over 16,000 cold calls in the last 20 years! Lily started working in a call center at the age of 18 to finance her business degree at the University of Cologne and in the USA. After graduating, she worked as a hunter for renowned companies and was primarily responsible for new customer business. The coaching she received from her employers was not enough for Lily. She wanted to learn more and develop faster. Today, the business psychologist still travels the world to receive training from the best international coaches. True to her motto: "More sales with a lot of fun and ease!", she inspires people for the topic of sales and personal development - uninhibitedly honest, innovative and humorous. Her clients include many well-known start-ups, medium-sized companies and large corporations such as O2/Telefonica, Avedo (Ströer), Microsoft and many more. She has also taught "Entrepreneurship" as a guest lecturer at the Rhein Main University of Applied Sciences in the field of social work.


Go HUNTING or go home!

  • "Welcome to the shark tank!" Why friendly salespeople get eaten up
  • "Hunting expert lion!" What you can learn from the lion 
  • Why house bans increase your sales

The mindset of a HeartcoreSales salesperson

  • What makes the buyer tick? Get to know different types of people 
  • What distinguishes superstar salespeople from amateurs and professionals
  • How to get into the performance of a superstar salesperson

CONFIDENCE - the supreme discipline within the supreme discipline

  • How to win over almost every customer in the first 18 minutes
  • Building trust is a skill that can be learned
  • The code of honor of a superstar salesperson

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"Lily Mizani is an absolute hunting expert and a first-class trainer and coach. We have a long-standing partnership. I became aware of Lily through a recommendation. The methodology and focus of her training was exactly what we needed. Lily's approach is very unconventional, straightforward and always focused on people. The feedback from the participants was outstanding, as was the measurability and success. We managed to build a seven-figure funnel in a very short time - together with and through Lily. She doesn't just talk the talk, she also walks the walk. " 
Boris G., former O2 B2B Sales Director


"Her slogan "Heartcoresales" convinced us immediately. She managed to motivate the entire team and spur them on to top performance. Until Lily's training, cold calling on the phone was a "red rag" for all employees. She gave the team tools that made the individual steps of cold calling almost child's play. She passionately showed the way to success. However, her training is not just a guide to success, but also an emotional reorientation. She has lifted the team to a new level. 
Manuela Z., Managing Director, Fotofix Schnellphotoautomaten GmbH


"As a company in the medical technology and beauty industry, our sales team has to deal with new, fundamentally different customer profiles every day. The acquisition and scheduling of new customers presents each individual with new challenges time and again. The Cold Calling seminar with Lily Mizani provided our team with basic knowledge and in-depth knowledge, practical tips for cold calling and important insights into sales psychology, all with depth and humor. The number of qualified appointments has increased significantly and everyone has adopted the motto: "You sell twice, first the appointment, then the product". Thanks to Lily, we will definitely repeat the training again."
Joachim S., General Manager LPG Deutschand GmbH


"In addition to a breath of fresh air and many new approaches for the team, you brought your incredibly warm, authentic manner with you. That gave me incredible encouragement and I learned what was probably the most valuable insight for me: You can and are allowed to be completely natural and still be successful in sales. Your training has taken me another step, or two, three, four, five... steps further in the right direction. You managed to turn my profession into my passion within a short space of time. Many thanks for that! 
Annemarie M., Sales Manager B2B Online and Inside Sales at Avedo GmbH


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