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Lisa Boje

Shift happens! Expose Mindshit. Start your genious Team Spirit.



Management, Leadership & Change


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Lisa Boje
Trainer Lisa Boje
  • Shift happens - Impulsvortrag GSA Winter Conference 2023 in Wien

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  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Lisa Boje

  • "Es flossen Tränen" aus "Charisma, Coaching, Krisenkommunikation – Was braucht die neue Führung?"

  • Die perfekte Mitarbeiter Findung & Mitarbeiter Bindung | Mitarbeiter Lifehacks von Lisa Boje

  • Charisma. Coaching. Krisenkommunikation. Was braucht die neue Führung? – Keynote Lisa Boje

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Lisa awakens the spirits of tired teams, unleashes the potential of managers and guides companies safely through upheaval. As Vice President of GSA Switzerland and Top 100 Excellence Trainer, she is the ideal choice for inspiring impulses and demonstrable change in the areas of team development, leadership and crisis management.

With her experience as a global brand manager, communications and employer branding specialist, Lisa has worked for Bayer, BBDO, FHNW, Ogilvy, Roche and the hotel industry. She hones the skills of your employees, develops hidden passions into highlights for your company and uses the mindset of management and teams to bring about strong, sustainable change.

The former radio presenter, integration award winner and experienced sailor brings her gripping stories, including the Atlantic crossing, to the table.

Experience with Lisa Boje a unique blend of professional stage entertainment, amazing workshops and clear business know-how that makes an impact. Promised. "Best session!" "Lisa rocks!" "This has never happened to me before!"


Charisma, coaching, crisis communication -

What does the new leadership need?

  • How to become more resilient with the right mindset and remain a role model even under stress
  • How to tailor your leadership role by skillfully using your full potential
  • How to create motivating and lively cooperation with appreciative communication

Unmask the mindshit. Start your genious Team Spirit. -

It all starts with the shift.

  • Recognize how to become the master of your thoughts
  • Identify which thoughts make you a charismatic leader
  • Learn how to start your team turbo with the right mindset

Suddenly fully occupied! This is how employee retention works today

  • How to become an applicant magnet:
  • 7 tips for successful job ads
  • Mind twist: How to successfully apply to potential employees
  • How to turn your team's hobbies into the USP of your employer branding

References & Press

"I got to know a strategy with which seemingly muddled situations can be led in a few hours from fishing in the murky waters to an overview with substance and content. In addition, there is a trainer with a sense of humor, who has always charmingly captured a sometimes somewhat wild swarm of bees."
Dr. Ingeborg Osthoff, Quality Officer of the T.O.C.s - Professional Association for Training, Organizational Consulting and Coaching


"If only all meetings were this refreshing. My compliments to you, I will recommend you at every opportunity."
Leo Schaffhauser, Director TAVERO at Hoffmann-La-Roche



"It's lonely at the top." Superior Hotel
"Skilfully teasing out potential." ahgz
"Hotels need more harmony." HGZ 
"How do you move up from colleague to boss?"


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101 Future Hospitality Days, Alfons Schuhbeck, Allianz Sächsischer Hoteldirektoren, Aramark, Bayer, FDP, Fachhochschule Nordwest-Schweiz, Gewandhaus Dresden, GreenTourismCamp, GSA Winter Conference, Hans-Peter Porsche, HMW Rechtsanwälte, Hoffmann La-Roche, Hotel San Bernardo, HSMA, Kinderkrebs Schweiz, Köstritzer, Lokschuppen Marburg, Lichtenauer, Müller Schuh, Ogilvy & Mather, POW 2022, Scill Animal Care, Steigenberger


Salz inner Suppe

Podcast | Lisa Boje


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