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Manuel J. Ellwanger, the financial expert from Stuttgart, enjoys a high reputation as an independent fee-based investment advisor and securities analyst. He advises wealthy families, entrepreneurs and companies, develops customised investment concepts and manages diverse portfolios. Inspired by his family from an early age, Ellwanger has developed a deep passion for investments. His credo: success is based on liquidity and a deep understanding of the capital and investment market, where he seamlessly combines asset accumulation, protection and flexibility. As one of the few in Germany with a BaFin licence, he acts 100% in the interests of his clients. 
Known from publications such as Wallstreet online, FinanceNews, Stuttgarter Zeitung and Stuttgarter Nachrichten, he now makes his expertise accessible to a wider audience. As a keynote speaker, Manuel J. Ellwanger not only brings his extensive knowledge and experience to the table, but also a captivating presence that inspires and motivates audiences. His ability to present complex financial topics in an understandable and engaging way makes him a valued speaker at conferences and events.


Cash flow - strategies from the professionals for your wealth success and protection

  • What you can learn from the investment strategies of wealthy families
  • How to diversify your sources of income with proven strategies
  • How to define your risk class and create an optimised investment portfolio
  • How to curb your emotions and use them strategically for your wealth success
  • How to analyse and select suitable assets with the right tools & knowledge

Working capital - rethink & optimise

  • How to transform your company's working capital and generate a higher return
  • How to reduce your company risk with greater flexibility and diversification
  • How to make your company fit for the future and achieve a liquidity advantage

Tax intelligence - success factors for optimised tax structuring

  • How to reduce taxes and maximise your assets with the right strategies
  • How to maintain & further expand generational capital with optimised structures
  • How to organise your succession intelligently and secure the continuation of your business

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Südwestdeutsche Medienholding GmbH, Südwest Media Network GmbH, Cashflow Conference GmbH, Digital Lions Expo, Black Lion Business Award of Baden-Württemberg


"Manuel Ellwanger is very competent and I can only warmly recommend him!"
Immo.Tommy, Europe's biggest property influencer


"Manuel Ellwanger is and remains the man I trust when it comes to any investment!"
Zeljko Vila, Managing Director, VILLA VILA Architects


"You can tell Mr Ellwanger knows his stuff!"
Ali Babaei, Managing Director, Tauriba GmbH


"The expert for financial issues" Stuttgarter Zeitung


"Manuel Ellwanger clears things up!" Wallstreet Online


"Manuel Ellwanger explains: "Companies will have to change" Stuttgarter Nachrichten



2022 Mind Change Award

2022 Black Lion Award


Cashflow Conference

Honorarberater verrät: Die größten Finanzfallen für Privatanleger


Börsenwissen 2023: Anleger sollten weltweit investieren und übertriebene Heimatliebe vermeiden


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