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Dr. med. Manuela Jacob-Niedballa

The doctor who makes your company healthy!



Management, Leadership & Change


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Dr. med. Manuela Jacob-Niedballa
Speaker Dr. med. Manuela Jacob-Niedballa
  • Knallhart Nachgefragt! Manuela Jacob-Niedballas Geheimtipp gegen Stress

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Manuela Jacob-Niedballa, MD, is the doctor who makes your company healthy. She is an occupational physician as well as a management consultant and speaker. With her husband, she runs a surgical/orthopedic practice clinic with an outpatient surgery center. Her Octahedron® of Healthy Leadership provides flexible solution approaches for optimized stress management and is registered with the Patent Office. Through her insights into companies of different industries and sizes, her own leadership experience and current findings from her memberships in nationwide committees and associations, she combines a wide variety of perspectives in her lectures and workshops. She advises medium-sized companies as well as international corporations, medical practices or hospitals on "healthy leadership", "digital working world of the future" and "mental stress". Peppered with lively examples from practice and with a lot of humor, she delivers exciting, immediately implementable impulses for sustainable success.


From supervisor to role model - healthy leadership in sustainable companies

  • Finding and retaining skilled workers - positioning as an
    attractive employer in times of staff shortage
  • The Octahedron® of sustainable leadership - The eight levers for your professional success
  • Leading at a distance - How employees can identify themselves even in hybrid work environments
  • Stress as a performance booster! The situation is not the problem, but our reaction!

Successful companies in the digital world

  • Brain-friendly work: the biggest success and resilience boosters in the information overload
  • From Ötzi Valley to Digi Valley - effective communication strategies in digital work
  • Emerging stronger from the crisis: strategies for success in turbulent times
  • Best loved company: Healthier employees, better effectiveness, higher turnover

From practice l clinic to brand

  • Who joins in? The practice l clinic as an employee magnet
  • How do we make an impact? Successful positioning in the digital age
  • How do I get a quick appointment? Smooth practice processes through optimized practice management
  • How satisfied are you? From patient to fan through high service quality

References & Press

"She succeeded in sensitizing our field staff to the topic in a concise and descriptive manner with wit and charm. In addition, she was able to anchor simple and practicable tips and tools for personal stress management among many employees. The feedback was excellent. We look forward to further cooperation."
Michael Traub, Süddeutsche Krankenversicherung

"Ms. Jacob-Niedballa provided the employees of VR-Bank Coburg with a light-hearted evening, and numerous conversations over the past few days have shown that she not only exceeded our expectations with her presentation, but also those of our employees. We were all impressed by her great commitment that evening. She succeeded in making the presented topic accessible to the audience. Numerous people, even those who were previously less interested in this topic, found on this evening or will find in the future one or another way to deal with their personal stress, in all individual life situations. I am already very much looking forward to our next meetings!"
Karlheinz Kipke, Vorstandsvorsitzender, VR-Bank Coburg eG

"Dear Dr. Jacob-Niedballa, we would like to thank you very much for your excellent lecture. This was extremely informative and entertaining for all listeners and will certainly resonate for a while with all guests or hopefully also find special application. "Ways out of stress and burnout" was on everyone's lips and some participants were personally still very busy with this topic and especially the implementation or will be."
Gerald W. Huft,Managing Director,EC Incentive-, Marketing- und Consulting GmbH





Den schreienden Kollegen kann man nicht wegatmen: Effektives Stressmanagement für Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter

ISBN : 3527510346

19.99 €


4 Wege zu mehr Stresskompetenz: Wie Sie souverän und achtsam leben: Wie Sie gelassen und achtsam leben (Whitebooks)

ISBN : 3967390470

29.90 €


Fachbeitrag Soul@Work

ISBN : 978-3869366319

29.90 €

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  • Factual presentation

  • Practical relevance

  • Impulses and motivation

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