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Marc Gassert
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Marc Gassert is "the blond Shaolin". He is a communication scientist, speaker and martial arts master. He spent a large part of his life in different cultures on different continents and learned the Asian martial arts karate, taekwondo and kung fu from renowned grandmasters. In Munich and Tokyo he studied communication science, intercultural communication and Japanese studies. Today, Marc Gassert is considered the expert on self-discipline. In his lively lectures, he presents an unbiased view of Asian wisdom: full of inspiration, profound, exciting and rich in imagery. With his books "Everything is hard before it becomes easy" & "The Power of the Dragon" he hits the nerve of the time and offers sustainable solution strategies in our world of change. He knows how to translate Asian martial arts virtues and wisdom into everyday business life and make them useful. He is a regular guest at the top events of international companies. Marc Gassert encourages people to take action and to see every day as a new opportunity.


Do it now! - 
It is not starting that is rewarded, but perseverance

  • How to Learn to Achieve Your Goals with the Shaolin Method
  • How to strengthen your mental strength and build resilience with the virtues of Shaolin
  • How to train your focus, stay on the ball and increase your performance with fun, joy and serenity

You are the power! -
How to uncover and use your sources of power

  • Energy - How to quick-charge your own battery and stay strong with Asian techniques.
  • Balance - How to master the tension between exertion and release and keep the reins in your hands
  • Resilience - How to strengthen your psychological resilience

The power of the dragon -
With the Shaolin method to more courage, inner strength and assertiveness.

  • In 7 steps to more courage, true to the motto: "The world belongs to the courageous".
  • How to become aware of your abilities, take a stance and move forward courageously 
  • How to use worry, fear and stress as sparring partners and guideposts
  • How to get into action quickly, act decisively and make an impact

More topics:

Grab it or it will grab you

Strength is the ability to do something. Courage is wanting to do it.

It doesn't get easier - you get better

References & Press

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"There are many speakers and Mr. Gassert is one of the best. With his energy, wit but also profound manner he inspired our participants like no other. It is the mixture of his presentations and in a few seconds you can feel how a hall with 1,400 people is transformed into an energy field. Whoever has not heard or experienced him has missed something in his life. His impulses remain in the memory and enrich our lives."
Jochem Kehl, INLINE Unternehmensberatung

"Marc Gassert's presentation inspired and moved our employees with lasting effect. The energy, motivation and charisma impressed all of us and especially me personally. He was an absolute enrichment of our event and I can recommend his lecture without reservation.” Herbert Bockers, Vorstand, Dimension Data 

"With his youthful demeanor, his great qi (energy) and his very profound way of rhetoric, he captivates the audience like few people can. Even with 700 people, everyone felt personally addressed. As a keynote speaker, I can highly recommend him and have one more piece of advice: put Mr. Gassert at the end of the event - the following speakers will have a very hard time otherwise." Wilhelm Hakim, IFG Internationale Fortbildung GmbH



Alles ist schwer, bevor es leicht wird: Mit dem Wissen der Shaolin zu mehr Disziplin und Willenskraft

ISBN : 9783424200935

16.99 €


Die Kraft des Drachen: Mit der Shaolin-Methode zu Mut und innerer Stärke

ISBN : 3424202630

18.00 €



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