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Marc Girardelli

Mittelmaß oder Spitze - Sie entscheiden!



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Marc Girardelli
Entrepreneur Marc Girardelli
  • Marc Girardelli - seine bewegende Geschichte

  • Marc Girardelli | Mittelmaß oder Spitze – Sie entscheiden!

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Marc Girardelli is one of the most successful ski racers of all time. His track record is unique with five overall World Cup victories, 46 individual victories, eleven World Cup medals and two Olympic medals. To this day, he is the only athlete to win all disciplines in one season, holding the record in the men's event to this day. Due to disagreements with the ÖSV, Girardelli switched to the Luxembourg Ski Federation. He suffered his first major defeat at the age of 19, when a serious fall left him 15% disabled. Against the advice of doctors, he continued to train and was able to overcome this serious injury. Subsequently, not a year goes by in which Girardelli is not on the winner's podium. Today he is a successful entrepreneur. As an organizer of ski incentives and various consulting activities for companies, he continues on his successful path. With his lectures on the secrets of top-class sport, Marc Girardelli regularly captivates participants and inspires them with his humorous, authentic and refreshing manner.


Experiencing the limits in top-class sport - 
Breaking chains, achieving peak performance

  • How to use life's challenges as motivation for peak performance
  • How to train mentally to overcome fear and break boundaries
  • How to leave your comfort zone, overtake your fiercest competitors and become a winner


The secrets of winners

  • How to motivate yourself to peak performance
  • How to systematically plan and implement the individual stages of your success
  • How to analyze mistakes, recognize weaknesses, strengthen strengths and overcome defeats


Mediocrity or excellence - you decide!

  • The principles for top performance in sports and management for your personal success
  • Is there a system to top performance?
  • Are you willing to pay the price?

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Eiskalte Spiele: Kriminalroman

ISBN : 3740804343

11.90 €


Mordsschnee: Kriminalroman (Marc Gassmann)

ISBN : 3740802642

11.84 €




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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Business talk

  • Interview

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