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Marcel Aberle
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Marcel Aberle's career has been characterized by his engagement with the different dimensions of

different dimensions of technology, innovation and strategy. In addition to ten

years of experience in the IT industry, the start-up founder is driven by a deep fascination for the

fascination for the trends of our time that are significantly changing our economy and society.

significantly change our economy and society. The multiple innovation award winner was Managing Director of the

Managing Director of the Zukunftsinstitut in Austria for over 3 years and developed

developed the Trend Canvas, among other things, which he uses to help companies analyze and

analyze and exploit the effects of trends. Marcel is a renowned

keynote speaker and author, as well as trend spotter for TrendWatching, one of the world's leading

leading agencies for trends and innovation. He combines his passion for the future and

innovation on the YouTube channel futur3zone.


Marcel Aberle shows organizations WHICH TRENDS are relevant for them and WHAT they need to DO to USE the POTENTIAL




Back to the Future Mastering the future
For many people, the future is no longer a place of hope. Inflation, climate change and robots taking our jobs are dystopian images that spoil the fun of the future. "Back to normal", "Make America great again", many popular slogans of recent years advocate a return, a return to the past. You might think there is no future. But we need to return to the future as quickly as possible in order to secure prosperity and progress. Marcel Aberle will show you how this can be achieved in his gripping presentation Back to the Future!


Megatrend connectivity Our real digital future

At innovation conferences, it's easy to get the feeling that the future is all about technology. We, the people, no longer play any role at all. The future is written and it comes from Silicon Valley or follows Asian models. As a trained computer scientist and futurologist, Marcel Aberle dispels digitalization myths - he shows how the interaction between humans and AI tools (e.g. ChatGPT) can succeed and what real-digital future virtual worlds can create. Marcel Aberle looks at the potential and risks for society, the economy and companies and how we can shape a real digital future worth living in.


The Progressive We Society A vision for the society of tomorrow
Germany needs a new image of the future, an image of the society of tomorrow. An image that motivates and provides orientation. A new, progressive understanding of "we" can unite the division in society through strong "I "s and strong "we "s - on the basis of self-organized processes. Many collaborative experiments are already showing how this ideal can succeed.

Marcel Aberle takes you on a journey into the future that has already begun.


MEGATRENDS and their transformations
Megatrends are the blockbusters of change. And that's why everyone should really get to grips with them. Megatrends are slowly but fundamentally changing our society and economy. And anyone who makes decisions today for tomorrow can no longer avoid them. Trend researcher Marcel Aberle shows how megatrends are shaping the future of your industry.



  • Megatrends
  • Connectivity / digitalization
  • New Work
  • Individualization
  • Sport
  • Dealing with the future  


Further training in dealing with the future

  • Lecture
  • Trend exploration
  • Method training
  • Publications
  • Podcast, Interview
  • Panel discussion


Utilizing the potential of trends in the innovation and strategy process.

  • Trend research and analysis
  • Innovation workshop
  • Strategy process
  • Development of trend management
  • Advisory board, supervisory board
  • Jury




🤌 TRANSLATOR of trends and complex developments
I provide clarity in the jungle of trends, breaking down the potential and risks of trends for stakeholders in a way that creates concern and fascination.

🤝MEDIATOR between worlds and generations
I worked as a computer scientist for global IT companies for over 10 years, built up tech start-ups for over 6 years and was managing director of the Zukunftsinstitut in Austria for over 3 years. I know the politics of large corporations, the language of start-ups and the challenges faced by SMEs.

💪 MAKER who delivers results
I am not a philosopher. I have already won numerous innovation awards (6), developed a method for trend analysis and published 2.5 books. In my work, I combine my passion for the future, technology and innovation with Swabian hands-on quality.

References & Press

Company references excerpt:
Salesforce, Schwarzkopf, UBS Bank Switzerland, Schöffel, GORE-TEX, WÜRTH, German Football League, German Football Association, German Sports Youth, UEFA, Valensina, Graubünden Brand, Tourism South Tyrol, Zurich Airport, Schindler Austria, ...

"There are few people who have the talent to truly inspire on stage,

Marcel is one of them!"
Nahed Hatahet (VÖSI)

"...pragmatic approach and simple language, which allowed him to capture the
the interest and support of the whole team from the very beginning."
Leonhard Schlichting (Gore-Tex)

"Marcel's keynotes set the bar very high..."
Harald Fux (IAKS)


"Exactly the right impulses for our
future collection development."

Stefan Ostertag (Schöffel)


"...understanding of our situation as well as

as well as for the complex requirements

of the future have helped us to

and find solutions."

Leon Ries (DFB)


"The world of trends is

Marcel's "home"!"

Malte Tobias Kähler (Ernst & Young)


Very open minded, creative

and full of amazing ideas.

Markus Iofcea (UBS-Y)


"...highly professional support!"

Tobias Bracht (Bavarian Football Association)


"Marcel Aberle whets the appetite for the future with his presentations, which he

target group-oriented and presented in a tangible way.

In addition, the cooperation is professional,

uncomplicated and characterized by a sense of community."

Raphaela Kirschnick (imSalon)


"During our collaboration, we were able to shed light on some difficult and very complex issues together

and were presented very well. I appreciate his eye for the big picture and his excellent

understanding of interrelationships. Important for me: his direct and clear way of communicating

and at the same time his ability to convey difficult topics to different groups in an appropriate way. The workshops he led were a harmonious mix of knowledge transfer,

shared learning experience and a suitable dash of entertainment.

Conclusion: Always happy to come back - a full recommendation both personally and professionally."

Johanna Thoma (Valensina)



Workbook Trend Canvas

ISBN : 978-3-945647-88-2

225.00 €



ISBN : 978-3648180693

40.00 €




Back to the Future - Mit Zukunftsbildern die Gegenwart gestalten // ZZPodcast #24

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