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"I bring back the smile - mindset as a success factor"



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Marcus Selzer
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  • So kommen Kunden immer wieder // Keynote Speech "Happy customer" - Marcus Selzer, Golden Sail

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Marcus Selzer, key account manager, coach, trainer and keynote speaker, is an expert in sales. His career began at a general agency of Allianz Suisse, where he started as a customer advisor and worked his way up to sales manager. Marcus' professional rise was driven by his deep passion for excellent customer service and effective sales strategies. Since 2019, he has been using his extensive expertise to transform companies through his work. Here he offers customized services, solves complex challenges and promotes open communication. Marcus Selzer is particularly adept at providing both executives and sales teams with clear and effective strategies that can not only be understood but also successfully implemented. His approach combines in-depth expertise with a genuine interest in empowering people to exceed their sales targets. In his coaching sessions, seminars and lectures, he inspires his participants with his lived knowledge of success from practice for practice. He knows how to use humor and visual communication to pick people up, take them along and move them forward. 


The power of the first impression - 
How to successfully lose customers within 3 seconds

  • First impressions count - How to win customers right from the start with a strategic greeting
  • How to recognize stress and dominance behaviour and take the wind out of the sails of these two opponents
  • The body never lies - How to create trust and close deals with targeted non-verbal communication


Please turn around - From sales anxiety to sales power!

  • How to use findings from neuroscience and mental coaching for your sales success
  • How to recognize and solve motivational blocks
  • How to ritualize your sales power, apply it strategically in the sales process and generate growth


Compass to success: Navigate your company to success with purpose and values

  • How to build a loyal customer base with a clear purpose and firm values
  • How to turn your employees into ambassadors for your brand and magnetically attract customers
  • How to exceed customer expectations and increase your sales with the WOW effect

References & Press

"Very interactive and instructive. Practice-oriented."
R. Wood, Credit Suisse

"The presentation took the audience on a journey - the inputs were explained using clear, simple examples and were very informative. The relaxed approach was much appreciated by the audience."
Association of Thurgau municipalities

"Very practical and lots of good and easy-to-implement tips."
M. Helbling, BDO

"Marcus knows his trade. His presentations are crisp, captivating and practical. Absolutely recommendable!"
G.Francescutto, Junior Chamber international

"I appreciate his professional appearance and his relaxed way of dealing with the audience."

J. Gabathuler, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, IAP

"He managed to show a different view of things that remain hidden at first glance or are no longer clearly visible because of the trees. I appreciate his positive manner."

M. Stoffel, BNP Paribas Securities Services



Wohin willst du?

ISBN : 978-3952581001

15.00 €


Where Do You Want to Go?

ISBN : 979-8388045126

15.00 €



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