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Marion Masholder

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Marion Masholder
Trainer Marion Masholder
  • Top-Leader führen anders! I Marion Masholder beim Speaker Slam

  • #019 - "Vom Problemdenker zum Möglichkeitsmacher" - TV-Auftritt Hamburg 1

  • #017 - Next Generation Leadership "Top Leader führen anders" - Mein Hauptstadt TV-Auftritt

  • Marion Masholder - Knallhart Nachgefragt

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Marion Masholder, a dynamic leadership expert, bestselling author and captivating speaker, ignites the turbo for companies and managers who want to take off in the new world of work. After graduating as a savings bank business economist, she developed from an insider in leading positions at a top savings bank to a sought-after self-made businesswoman. Her impressive know-how in business management is the result of extensive studies in this field. As a consultant for over 20 years, Marion has been the powerhouse for board members, CEOs and managing directors as well as business and public sector executives when it comes to the push towards greater corporate success. Her superpowers? Openness, targeted strategies and strong communication skills that accompany her clients from brainstorming to implementation. Her presentations? A real impulse booster, always with top ratings. Marion captivates her audience with a mixture of clarity, charm and a dash of humor. For her, one thing is clear: the key to real success lies in meaningful, appreciative and healthy leadership. Her motto? Not only to promote people and organizations, but to turn them into real power players!


All topics can be presented in coaching, training or keynote formats.


Next Generation Leadership - Top leaders lead differently!

  • Which future skills managers need today for a successful future
  • How to develop top leaders with the right tools
  • How to retain employees in the company with effective measures
  • How to successfully transform into the new world of work and generate growth 

The supreme discipline of self-management - the invisible drivers of success!

  • Success mindset: How to break boundaries and achieve goals
  • How to better understand yourself and others and recognize your true strengths
  • What you can learn from top athletes for your business success
  • How to get and stay in full power with the power formula

The Change Management Compass - Successfully navigating through change!

  • Resistance to change - causes and solutions
  • The successful communication strategy as a key factor for success
  • How to win people over across generations and take them on the journey with you

Goodbye stress - strategies for more health & resilience in the company!

  • From stress to strength - ways to more energy and power
  • Resilience as a superpower: How mental health makes the impossible possible
  • Digital detox: Strategies for dealing with digital challenges in the right way
  • Health hacks: Natural boosters for your well-being

References & Press

"With her, talk is golden" Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung


"She successfully develops potential" MAGAZINE WISSENSVORSPRUNG


Excerpt from company references:

Sparkasse Bad Pyrmont, City of Bergheim, Kiesel GmbH, Infinity GmbH, Coreum GmbH, GCP German Cathodic Protection GmbH, Bochum Wirtschaftsentwicklung GmbH, Engineering Dobersek GmbH, Ambulantes Therapiezentrum Witten, Lukas Metallverarbeitung GmbH, Tischlerei Kleine GmbH


"Ms. Masholder is characterized by an analytical and at the same time appreciative cooperation. She manages to identify the really important points very precisely in a short space of time. This gives us a good basis for decision-making." 
Jens Veneman, Board Member of Stadtsparkasse Bad Pyrmont


"Working with Marion Masholder, it quickly became clear that she has an incredible feel for people. The workshop was very well prepared, Marion was well prepared and the implementation was a complete success. We were and are thrilled." 
Jens Rädel, Management, KIESEL GmbH


"The effects of the leadership training with Marion Masholder were very quickly felt and seen in the company's performance. She adapts extremely quickly to company-specific circumstances, is goal-oriented and helps to find very good solutions. Any time again!" Dr. Albin Dobersek, CEO, Engineering Dobersek GmbH


"With the help of Ms. Masholder, we have succeeded in realigning ourselves in senior and middle management and gaining a new perspective on the company and our own leadership qualities and successfully implementing them." 
Volker Mießeler, Mayor, City of Bergheim



Ausgezeichnetes Expertenwissen: Inspiration, Insights, Impulse

ISBN : 3949869581

19.99 €



ISBN : 9783766499752

19.90 €



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