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Markus Milz
Speaker Markus Milz
  • Markus Milz, Top-Speaker aus Köln

  • Markus Milz - Verkaufserfolg mit System

  • Vertriebsforum Rhein-Neckar 2020 (SRH Vortrag)

  • "Superhelden im Vertrieb" - 14. Kölner Wissensforum 2022

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THE expert for systematic sales believes: An entrepreneurial vision is the basis for maximum success. But without correct numbers and the ability to derive correct actions, you are building on sand. For him, doing the right thing is always a combination of strategy, craft and vision. Only farsightedness makes it possible to formulate the right goals based on political and global economic developments - because the last few years have been game-changers. As a consultant and coach, Milz balances both craft and vision, finding solutions where others get stuck in problems. As a speaker, he shows you in his presentations exactly where your opportunities lie - in strategy, leadership and sales. His mission: to anchor maximum success in companies - systematically and sustainably! Learn from him how to find the ideal strategy, how to introduce a structured success process and how to get flexible "tools". Because you know: If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail to you.


"Winners of the future! Don't oversleep it!
Shape change successfully"

  • The world is changing - and where exactly do you need to change?
  • Clear perspectives for decisions in uncertain times
  • How to future-proof your company
  • Sales is now doing marketing. Really?
  • Accepting change and implementing it together with the team

"Price with strategy in times of inflation - There's always someone who can do it cheaper!"

  • Price as a quality characteristic: Why cheap is often not profitable
  • How to find your individual value drivers and determine your own "right" price
  • How to react to objections such as "too expensive 
  • Price: When, how often and how do we adjust it in today's times?

"Superheroes in sales! - Chaka-Chaka or System after all?"

  • How to increase sales profitably with a systematic sales process
  • The SALESTOOLBOX® and best practices for successful sales with a system
  • Want, be able, be allowed, implement - Where is our biggest construction site?
  • The role of the sales manager - today and tomorrow

"Sales is dead, long live sales! Digital selling in the 21st century".

  • You are the success - How your personality sells
  • How the customer learns through you what he really needs
  • Awakening instead of covering - How you create need instead of just satisfying it
  • How to become a high-end digital and social seller
  • How to make your sales strong with best practice processes: from new customer acquisition to the sales call

References & Press

"I can only recommend to all entrepreneurs:inside who want to be better prepared for the future to contact Markus Milz."
Jürgen Seiring, Geschäftsführer, VSMA

"Thank you very much, Markus Milz, for the incredibly practical presentation at our sales meeting. With charm, wit and a great deal of experience, not only was the content relevant to us conveyed in the most professional manner, but all questions were also clarified individually and pragmatically. Well done!"
Donya Amer, Co-Founder & CEO Bosch Climate Solutions, BOSCH

"Markus Milz is not only an international strategy and sales expert, but also a likeable person accepted by the team: he manages to give even long-time sales professionals from different cultures new exciting impulses, inspiration and motivation."
Patrick Vallant, Head of Marketing & Sales, GreenONEtec 

"In his keynote, Markus Milz impressively showed us that good salespeople always surprise their customers with new insights. That was really a lot of inspiring impulses. Thank you very much for the entertaining keynote and for the great conversation afterwards!"
Stephan Hellwig, Head of Marketing, OPED

"Mr. Milz's presentation was fresh, unconventional and technically very competent. He skillfully combines practical thinking with a lot of sales experience and a good pinch of humor."
Dr. Karl Pfaff, Geschäftsführer, GLS Germany

"We are totally thrilled! Mr. Milz took our members, customers and partners on an exciting journey with his presentation 'There's always someone who does it cheaper' and provided a refreshingly new perspective on the topic of pricing."
Hans Joachim Arnold, Chairman of the Board, Arnold Glas

"With his humorous presentation on the topic of pricing, Mr. Milz got us thinking. A very appropriate mix of facts, ideas and anecdotes - super!"
Thomas Hildenbrandt, Leiter Vertrieb, Profile Inland, VEKA AG

"Through your rousing presentation, you made a decisive contribution to the success of our field service conference. The participants were thrilled!"
Andreas Thiede, Geschäftsführer, GEHE

"Great presentation about efficiency and effectiveness in sales! You can tell that Mr. Milz not only has excellent know-how, but also a lot of passion for the subject. He knows how to get the crucial things across in a motivating and gripping way!"
Georg Lecheler, Partner, Oppenhoff & Partner

"The lecture was simply super. Above all, the many good practical examples made it a complete success."
Jana Stagge, Geschäftsführerin, flexomed

„It was a great pleasure to be able to listen to your presentation on sales last week at the German House in London. One of the best presentations I have heard within my 15 years career.“
Magdalena Crosa, Poland & Germany Desk Director, Santander UK Corporate & Commercial

"Many thanks to Mr. Milz! Through your motivating presentation, you played a big part in making our fiscal year kick-off a complete success!"
Markus Rhein, Vorstandsvorsitzender iBS

"Batman in sales? Yes, that makes perfect sense. I sat in the audience and can only confirm that. Thank you, Markus Milz, for the presentation. As always, to the point."
Christian Fritsche, Marketing- und Vertriebsoptimierung; Wirtschaftmediation




Systematischer Vertrieb: Sales Champions Strategy für Führungskräfte (Haufe TaschenGuide)

ISBN : 3648142593

9.95 €


Das Vertriebskompendium: Entscheiderwissen aus der Praxis für die Praxis (Haufe Fachbuch)

ISBN : 3648155326

79.95 €


Praxisbuch Vertrieb: Die Strategie für maximale Vertriebseffizienz

ISBN : 359350670X

52.00 €



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  • Factual presentation

  • Practical relevance

  • Impulses and motivation

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