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"Resilience is measurable! If you don't measure, you rely on chance."



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Martin Pfeifenberger
Trainer Martin Pfeifenberger

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Martin Pfeifenberger has been working on performance and resilience since the mid-1990s. He has worked at the Obertauern Olympic Training Center, the Lower Austrian Performance Center (Willi Dungl) and most recently at the RED BULL Diagnostics and Training Center in Thalgau "DTC" (2003 - 2019). With around 700 diagnostics per year, he analyzed over 100 disciplines in various sports in terms of physical performance compared to the world's best. These include numerous world and European champions and team champions (soccer, ice hockey, handball), as well as medal winners at the Olympic Games.

Creating the necessary resilience is a prerequisite for competitive sport in order to survive in competition. Martin Pfeifenberger supports his clients with biologically controlled training that has a significant impact on regeneration, the immune system and stress tolerance. The principles that apply in competitive sport are the same principles that are responsible for resilience in business - as THE best preventative health care. Measurable, verifiable and sustainable.



Secrets from competitive sports for health sports

  • FIT - What does that actually mean? Why FIT does not equal healthy
  • Resilience can be measured! If you don't measure anything, you're hoping for chance
  • Exercise, but the right way! How effective and sustainable training really works  

Resilience - the superpower of the future?

  • Resilience as a means to an end - Do you know your resilience limit?
  • Training myths, what helps and what doesn't! How to recover faster and more efficiently through higher physical performance
  • Side effects? Yes please! How the right training can strengthen your immune system, increase your stress tolerance and improve your attention span

The playground of sport - can you learn from competitive sport?

  • Chance or structure? What really gets you to your goal
  • What to do when the "power" runs out! Adapting the measures to the goal
  • Competitive sport vs. business - Who benefits from whom?

References & Press

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"If you want to be successful in sport, you have to adhere to certain sports science rules. This includes performance diagnostics and the resulting training zones. Those who stick to their training zones most precisely during training will also achieve the greatest progress!" 
Dominik Landertinger, biathlon


"I've been working with Martin for about 10 years. It has been an interesting process. At first I doubted the training system, but I believed in it and kept going, and after a while I started to feel all the things Martin was telling me. The whole process is not based on ideas or a philosophy or a strategy, but on the human body. The body dictates the load and you increase the intensity step by step. This makes it very efficient and natural. In the end, you have so much energy that you can enjoy not only your sport, but life as a whole.
Sergej Bobrowski, NHL goalie


"After injury and unsatisfactory results, thoughts of ending my career came up. It was at this time that I came into contact with systematic performance diagnostics and biologically controlled training. With the help of this individually tailored training, I was able to catch up with the world's best both physically and mentally. Thank you Martin for letting me have this experience!" 
Andreas Goldberger, ski jumper


"When I first came into contact with a diagnostic in 2005 as a top 5 candidate, the results were typical for a motor sportsman. With the help of regular tests and the resulting training plans, I managed to become a superior world champion in 2006." 
Bernd Hiemer, Supermoto


"As a BMX rider, I thought that endurance and controlled training had no impact on me and my sport. Martin proved me wrong, with targeted training I not only reached my goal much faster, but was also able to stay at the top of the world for years. THANK YOU! " 
Senad Grosic, BMX


"On the way to my 2 European championship titles, I benefited from systematic performance diagnostics and training control using biological measurement data. For me as a "non-endurance athlete" but as a player, some of the training was quite arduous and hard. However, it was precisely these measures that helped me enormously with regeneration and concentration. I was also able to cope easily with long flights thanks to my increased resilience. The very individual support and absolutely top coordination were in a league of their own! Nothing was left to chance!"

Clemens Doppler, beach volleyball



Ich würd ́s mal mit richtigem Training versuchen

ISBN : 978-3950516418


How about you try real training?

ISBN : 978-3903440524



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