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Matthias Bullmahn is a committed interim manager with many years of experience in the design and implementation of transformation and change processes in international companies. Matthias has a wealth of experience in supporting international projects, including SAP transformations. However, his expertise extends far beyond technical implementations. He understands how to take into account the corporate culture and specific requirements of different regions to ensure seamless integration. What particularly distinguishes Matthias Bullmahn is his pronounced empathy, which enables him to pick up employees at all levels and inspire them to embrace change. Coupled with his methodological expertise, he develops tailor-made strategies and programs to make transformations effective and sustainable. Matthias has an impressive assertiveness and has successfully introduced change up to board level. His ability to tackle complex challenges and find pragmatic solutions is invaluable to organizations facing profound change. Matthias Bullmahn is continuously developing his skills and has in-depth training as an agile and systemic coach as well as a negotiation expert and SAFe® Practice Consultant. This broad expertise enables him to take a holistic view of transformation processes and use a variety of approaches and techniques. Whether 1 billion programs for global SAP S/4 Hana roll-outs or department transformations with a 30 million euro budget, Matthias is at home in both worlds. Matthias is also the ideal partner for companies looking for an experienced hand to manage complex transformation projects and achieve sustainable change.


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"Matthias knows how to empathize with his clients, understand their problems and produce precise solutions as if on an assembly line. He also has a broad network and extensive knowledge. He knows the right methods for conducting negotiations that will let you win.
Matthias looks over your shoulder and knows exactly what you need in your situation right now. Today, Matthias is not only my client, but also a valuable advisor for me when it comes to making the right decisions. Matthias is a person of the heart and it is an extraordinary enrichment to know him." Enrico Barkusky


"Matthias has excellent industry knowledge and was able to help me determine my value according to my qualifications and experience. Thanks to his own many years of experience in negotiating, he was able to give me helpful practical tips. Thanks to him, I learned the steps of a negotiation, determined my value within the company and practiced the actual negotiation situation in a role play. Matthias made it possible for me to confidently communicate my successes in the negotiation meeting, present myself confidently, argue well and achieve the result I had set out to achieve. A clear recommendation!" Clara Nabrotzki


"Matthias Christian showed me a third way in which I could combine both job offers. 30,000 euros more salary per year and a second mainstay. I can only warmly recommend Pinkelephant! Thank you Matthias!!!
My new employer tried to reduce my annual salary by 12,000 euros shortly before I signed my contract. But he didn't count on Pinkelephant... :-)
And again - highly recommended!!!" Astrid Kuehne


"Matthias was my coach and mentor for 2 years and helped me to develop from a novice to a specialist. His constant care and feedback helped me to improve as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach every day. Thanks to his constant support and guidance, I have been promoted twice in my career in the last three years. Not only professionally, Matthias always had an open ear for the problems I faced in the company during my work and always coached me to find a solution myself. When things got out of hand, he naturally supported me in finding a solution. Thanks to Matthias' coaching, I can proudly support an agile project (over 300 colleagues) as an agile coach" Dipti Jain

2020 Lecturer of the year
2022 Trainer of the year
2023 International speaker of the year



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