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Matthias Burkard, a graduate engineer and trained daily newspaper editor, is a German expert in crisis and change communication. He has been working in public relations for companies in the energy, transportation and logistics sectors since 1999. He specializes in preparing companies and managers for difficult communication tasks in crisis situations. As an interim crisis manager, he supports existing communications teams with his many years of experience.

After the Germanwings disaster in 2015, where he was one of the leading figures in the airline's crisis team, Matthias Burkard began to focus in depth on the topic of resilience in the workplace under extreme stress.

Since 2017, he has lectured on crisis communication at the Institute of Communication Sciences at LMU Munich and at the International University of Cooperative Education (iba). In his lectures, workshops and consultations, Matthias Burkard succeeds in taking his participants into the world of successful crisis management in a very emotional and at the same time confident manner, true to his motto "shit happens! Make something of it!"


      shit happens! ... because crises are part of the job

  • Start, on instinct if necessary: Why getting into action is so important
  • The superpower of empathy: why empathy is the key to successful action in a crisis
  • Praise yourself: Recognizing and consciously managing your own abilities and limits


      Let's talk about crisis! Crisis communication and communication crises

  • Change communication: How to communicate change correctly
  • Away from facts, towards emotion: Why soft factors have a stronger impact
  • Security through fans: Trust as the foundation for successful communication in a crisis


       In the eye of the crises! German Wings 4U 9525

  • Chronicle of horror: reporting from an insider's perspective
  • Between the stools: Consciously recognizing conflicts of interest and mediating them with confidence 
  • Talk is golden: the key role of communication in a crisis

References & Press

Extract of company references:
Airbus, BMW, IHK, Friedrichshafen Airport, German Chamber of Commerce USA, Information Center of the Bavarian Economy 

Interview ZDF today (2020):

We now need another big "Yes, we can!"


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