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Matthias Steiner
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Matthias Steiner, "World's Strongest Man 2008-2012," Olympic, World and European weightlifting champion, today a successful entrepreneur in the nutrition and fitness sector, founder of STEINERfood GmbH, and author and motivational speaker. Born in Vienna, he changed his citizenship after disputes with his federation and competed for Germany at the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008. With 461 kilograms in the Olympic total, he won gold and made history. But the road there is not an easy one: at the age of 18, the athlete is diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Despite this, he manages to become one of the world's best weightlifters. In 2013, Steiner drops out of professional sports and loses 45 kilos. He succeeds in making the leap from professional athlete to entrepreneur. As a nutrition expert, he writes 2 bestsellers ("The Steiner Principle") and in 2020 founds STEINERfood GmbH, which develops and sells low-carb foods for healthy everyday life. He knows how to motivate himself again and again and to push things forward, because: "Limits only exist in the mind".


Ripping, Pushing, Fighting - My Hard Way to the Top

  • Matthias Steiner, a man who never stays down, but always gets up again. He is an expert on self-motivation and focusing on a goal. The basis of his lecture is his Olympic victory in Beijing in 2008.
  • He talks about how he always motivates himself to stick to his goal despite many hurdles, how he deals with new challenges and how he finally manages to realize his goal.
  • Matthias Steiner knows how to put these experiences from his sporting career into a close context.his athletic career into a close context with the demands of modern professional life. In doing so, he motivates people to consistently tap into their own potential.

The Steiner Principle - From Heavyweight to Feel-good Ego
As an Olympic champion, Matthias weighed 150 kg to be able to compete against the world's elite in the super heavy weight class. After his professional sports career, he no longer needed this "working" weight and so he lost 45 kg within a year. For many people, this was an admirable step because it was difficult to achieve. But even more unimaginable to many is the fact that Matthias has maintained this weight ever since. "It's not hard," Matthias counters, "you just need to know how your metabolism works, which foods are good for you and which are not, what kind of exercise is suitable for you, then anyone can achieve their feel-good weight and feel fit again in everyday life." He has already delighted audiences in more than 70 lectures, which are a kind of reading with entertainment show elements. Even health insurance companies and large corporations, as part of their corporate health management, book the nutrition and fitness expert to teach their customers and employees a more conscious lifestyle in a charming way.

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"Matthias Steiner's talk at a DFL employee event made a lasting impression on all participants. His very personal experiences and vivid descriptions of how self-drive and focus, but also dealing with defeats and setbacks can shape a career, left no one cold. Many people talk about motivation and willpower. But it made him an Olympic champion". C. Seifert, GF Deutsche Fußball Liga DFL

"You gave a great presentation yesterday. The 1,200 invited guests rightly gave you the biggest applause in recent years. We particularly liked your empathetic style of presentation. You had the whole room on your side. So to speak "Grade 1 with asterisk". It was also nice that they were so close to the people and were available for autographs and pictures long after the lecture. An extra thank you for this!" VR Bank Biedenkopf-Gladenbach eG



Das Steiner Prinzip - Dein 12-Wochen-Plan: Das Abnehm-Programm des Stars aus

ISBN : 3517096067

19.99 €


Das Steiner Prinzip: Vom Schwergewicht zum Wohlfühl-Ich: Einfach abnehmen ohne Diät, mit den Tipps des Stars aus

ISBN : 3517094218

20.00 €


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