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Maxim Mankevich
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  • Neu* Geheimnisse der Genies?! | Maxim Mankevich

  • Sofort-Formel für mehr GELD & REICHTUM! | Erfolgsmaster

  • Deine Ängste überwinden!? | Maxim Mankevich

  • Den Erfolg von Genies lernen - so wird das Jahr 2021 zu deinem Jahr! | Maxim Mankevich

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Maxim Mankevich is SPIEGEL's #1 bestselling author. As an expert on success knowledge & geniuses, he speaks six languages and has a gigantic social media reach with over 800,000 subscribers. Early on, the qualified businessman studied the lives & working methods of the greatest geniuses of all time, such as Tesla, Da Vinci, Edison or Einstein. After his studies and numerous international projects in consulting, Maxim joined the industry leader "GREATOR" directly as a study leader. Within a very short time, he trained managers there and became the youngest trainer of all time. In his top podcast "The minds of geniuses" he reaches several million listeners every year. He holds seminars & lectures throughout Europe and passes on his concentrated knowledge with over 25 online courses in his Genius Academy. As a speaker, Maxim knows how to captivate his audience with words. He inspires, touches and shakes awake. In his talks, audiences experience purposeful inspiration and content with depth. In his #1 top podcast "The Minds of Genius" he reaches several million listeners every year.


The secrets of geniuses - Ideas. Inspiration. Innovation.

  • What you can learn from the success strategies of the greatest geniuses of all time 
  • How to apply the latest brain research to create outstanding ideas 
    How you and your team can overcome mental hurdles, break boundaries, and step into your true greatness

SuccessMindset - How employees become co-entrepreneurs!

  • How to promote enthusiasm for learning, sustainably anchor knowledge in the company and expand your competitive advantage.
  • How to sharpen your focus with system, gain more time for the essentials and increase your productivity
  • How to establish a creative system according to Leonardo da Vinci to become #1 in your market

InnovationTime - What you can learn from Google, Apple & Co.

  • What you can use from Einstein's habits for your product development
  • How to increase your creative output and double the speed of implementation
  • How to create a fertile environment for innovation, develop revolutionary products and massively increase your revenues

References & Press

"Maxim is one of the most credible experts in the market. I opened his #1 bestseller 'Soul Master' and couldn't stop reading. A great book that I extremely enjoyed!"
Jochen Schweizer, Unternehmer

"Maxim is equipped with a really great deal of knowledge and
offers real added value to his audience. What I find very impressive
I find very impressive that he never puts himself in the center of attention. He loves his
listeners and his work." René Borbonus, Speaker

"Maxim is an exceptional person! He has lived in many countries
and acquired an incredible amount of expertise. I have
rarely seen someone combine inquisitiveness, didactic skills,
charm and professionalism as Maxim does."
Dr. Stefan Frädrich, CEO von GREATOR

"Maxim is one of my mentors because he gives his incredible knowledge in an understandable way to his participants. He is very inspiring and combines wisdom from the brightest minds of all time into concepts that work in the here and now. Above all, Maxim is an original and different from the crowd. An unmistakable type who touches, changes and thinks outside the box.“ Tobias Beck, Speaker

"Maxim Mankevich amazes! Me even several times. Because he has
the rare gift to inspire! A brilliant speaker who has already
experienced a lot personally on his journey and therefore really has something to say!
has something to say! Maxim is a great one and there is no way to get around him
past!" Hermann Scherer, Business-Experte

Online Courses

Maxim Mankevich offers 18 courses, 1 lectures and 
0 impulses on Excellence Academy.


Menschen lesen. Menschen erkennen. | Maxim Mankevich


Stress Master | Der Online-Kurs mit Maxim Mankevich


Soul Master | Der Online-Kurs mit Maxim Mankevich

In diesem einzigartigen Online-Seminar erfährst Du, wie Dir Deine Meisterschaft gelingt. Erfahre tiefe spirituelle Klarheit und erkenne, warum Du wirklich hier bist. Komm in Deine Kraft zurück und erlange Dein unerschütterliches Urvertrauen!


Psychologie Master | Der Online-Kurs mit Maxim Mankevich


Morgenroutine Master | Der Online-Kurs mit Maxim Mankevich


Körpersprache Master | Der Online-Kurs mit Maxim Mankevich



Soul Master: Wie du deine Seelenkräfte entfesselst und das Universum auf deine Seite bringst (Spiritualität)

ISBN : 3833883197

19.99 €



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