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Michael Kimmelmann

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Michael Kimmelmann
Trainer Michael Kimmelmann
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Michael Kimmelmann is your time and self-management expert. In his many years of experience as a sales manager in a delicatessen wholesale business and as head of a retail agency, he experienced the challenges of day-to-day business life on a daily basis. He recognized early on how important proper time management is for personal (business) success. The BDVT-tested and Persolog®-certified trainer imparts his practice-oriented knowledge in a relaxed and informative manner in his (online) seminars, lectures and coaching sessions. His clients include well-known companies from various industries. Michael Kimmelmann works as a freelance lecturer at the IHK Training Center Karlsruhe and Steinbeis University Berlin, among others. In his first book, "Der Messe-Wahnsinn" ("Trade Fair Madness"), he dealt with the planning and organization of trade fairs and describes the path from haphazard actionism to a successful presentation in an entertaining way.



Self-management - Lead yourself RIGHT!

  • What am I passionate about? How to find your goals
  • What drives me? How to motivate yourself
  • How do I persevere? How to achieve your goals with the right tools
  • What to do about procrastination? Persevere, even when the going gets tough

Time management - your time is like a diamond!

  • Your 24 hours - what do you make of them?
  • Setting the right priorities - deciding on consistency, goal achievement and added value
  • Perseverance - Train your discipline and resilience muscle
  • From planning to implementation - DO!

TIME to sell!

  • How you have more time for your customers with the right organization
  • Using rituals - how to get the best start to the day
  • Increase personal productivity with the right methods
  • Selling without stress in challenging times 

The trumpet effect

  • How to play your tune with the right pressure
  • Finding the right balance between tension and relaxation
  • What valves do you have for your personal pressure equalization
  • Pauses turn notes into music - where and how do you pause correctly?

References & Press

"Mr. Kimmelmann succeeded very well in combining theory and practice right from the start. Very likeable coach. He has a strong, motivating streak. I already recommend his courses to others. At this point I would like to say: Thank you, Mr. Kimmelmann and keep up the good work!" Ines Brot


"The seminar was very informative, the atmosphere among the participants and Mr. Kimmelmann was very refreshing and the rooms were used very efficiently for different methods. Overall, it was a fun and informative seminar with a high learning content!" Lukas Großmann


"I found Mr. Kimmelmann's handling of the special situation (online seminar via Zoom) particularly strong. He wasn't intimidated by this, his demeanor was completely natural despite the physical distance and the many interactive elements and the different sections of the seminar meant that you were never tempted to drift off." Micha Wagner


"I am very surprised by this communication seminar.
Despite completing many communication seminars on my part (privately, professionally and at school), I was able to learn many new aspects of communication from Mr. Kimmelmann. I was very pleased that Mr. Kimmelmann quotes Vera F. Birkenbihl and, when asked, goes into her works in more detail and explains them very clearly. Also amazing: his background knowledge of well-known players in communication theory! Here you have the feeling of being served by a real expert. All in all, I can recommend the seminars with Mr. Kimmelmann with absolute satisfaction!" Jay D.


"Very competent specialist knowledge conveyed in a very pleasant atmosphere." J. Schott

"The theory was conveyed well, the lecturer provided a relaxed and informative seminar. Keep up the good work!" D. Köllnberger


"Very varied presentation style, was fun, didn't get boring." K. Kröckel


"Perfect mix of theory and practice." T. Allkette


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Online Courses

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2 impulses on Excellence Academy.


Die optimale Messe-Vorbereitung | Michael Kimmelmann



Der Messe-Wahnsinn: Planloser Aktionismus oder erfolgreicher Auftritt?

ISBN : 3735786421

9.80 €



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