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Michael Rossié, CSP

Rhetoric is not an art, but a problem



Communication, Rhetoric & Body Language


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Michael Rossié, CSP
Speaker Michael Rossié, CSP
  • Michael Rossié - Werden Sie, wie Sie sind! Sie sind der König!

  • Michael Rossié - Präsentieren ist wie Flirten mit ganz vielen

  • Knallhart Nachgefragt! Wer ist Michael Rossiés größter Diskutiergegner?

  • Überzeugen statt überreden | Michael Rossié - Wifo Stuttgart 2023

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Michael Rossié has been working for over 30 years as a speaker trainer and coach on behalf of well-known radio and television stations as well as in all areas of business. He gained insider knowledge from the media industry as a freelance actor and director as well as a celebrity coach for comedy formats. His practical tools are easy to follow and can be implemented immediately. He inspires his audience and participants at over 200 dates per year and his relaxed and entertaining lectures contain the ideal mixture of training and entertainment. No two lectures are alike and even listeners with a lot of seminar experience learn something new. With him, learning becomes an experience.


Communication with customers, colleagues and anyone who should listen

  • Tell exciting stories, present wittily, inform factually.
  • Conscious use of voice and language.
  • Convince instead of persuade - with the customer at eye level.
  • The tone makes the music! - Our secret signals!
  • Selling means listening - What do we say without saying it.
  • By no means speechless, but quick-witted?

Presenting is like flirting with a whole lot of

  • He came, he spoke and he conquered - giving rousing speeches.
  • Rhetoric was yesterday - speech tuning for professionals!
  • Putting yourself in the spotlight without putting yourself in the spotlight.
  • When I am allowed to be ME, I am at my best.
  • Be authentic - Your best argument is yourself.

How to win without fighting

  • Communication for professionals! - How to meet only nice people.
  • Suddenly everyone does what I say - When you're in trouble, it's best not to be.
  • Arguing damages the complexion - Communicate better at home and in the office.
  • Discussing is my main job - Better to talk to each other.
  • Loud weirdos except me - The show you're on.
  • Marriage is when two are funny and no one laughs.

Appearances in the media

  • Tuning for the Me.
  • The art of being a nice person.

References & Press

Axel Springer AG, Boston Scientific, Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Deutsche Real Estate AG, Dürr AG, Fiducia IT AG, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, Hexal AG, Kampa Haus AG, McDonald‘s, McKinsey, Neckermann Versicherung, Roland Berger, Tchibo, Audi AG, Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Suzuki, sechs deutsche Banken, Walt Disney Company u. v. m.

Educational institutions, universities, schools and academies

  • University of St. Gallen
  • Bavarian Regulatory Authority for Commercial Broadcasting (BLM)
  • Service company for Bavarian local radio programs (BLR)
  • International Film and Television Academy
  • Bavarian Academy for Television (BAF)
  • University of Applied Sciences Würzburg (Media Management)
  • GSA Academy
  • Governments of Upper Bavaria, Middle Franconia, Lower Franconia and Upper Palatinate
  • Economic Development Institute of the Vorarlberg Chamber of Commerce (WIFI)
  • Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences

Broadcasters and film productions

BR, RTL, RTL II, ZDF, Sat. 1, ProSieben sowie alle süddeutschen privaten Fernsehsender
Radio TOP FM, FFH, ffn, Arabella, Charivari, Oberland und Energy,
Constantin-Entertainment, MingaMedia Entertainment, Tresor TV

Online Courses

Michael Rossié offers 1 courses, 1 lectures and 
1 impulses on Excellence Academy.


Souverän in schwierigen Gesprächen | Michael Rossié



Rhetorik ist keine Kunst, sondern kein Problem: Einfach eine gute Rede halten

ISBN : 380066321X

29.80 €


Wie fange ich meine Rede an?: 100 Ideen für 1000 eigene Anfänge (Beck kompakt)

ISBN : 3406699448

6.90 €


Jetzt wird nicht lange diskutiert!: Besser, schneller und effizienter in Gruppengesprächen (Beck kompakt)

ISBN : 3406718906

7.90 €


M. Rossié - Schwierige Gespräche live

ISBN : 3448068845

0.00 €


Frei sprechen: in Radio, Fernsehen und vor Publikum

ISBN : 3430200105

29.93 €



Death by PowerPoint – HIER zum Blogbeitrag 

Rossie_FreiSprechen_neu_4c Talking without fear - Michael Rossié makes it happen
Michael Rossié reports for Salzburger Nachrichten
Salzburger Nachrichten, October 2, 2013

A good speech is not a gift - we can all talk
Michael Rossié in an interview with "manager magazin"
manager magazin, July 3, 2015



Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Audience interaction

Required equipment

Presentation Case
Presentation Case