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Dr. Michael Ullmann

The leadership professional from business and top-class sport for sustainable high performance



Management, Leadership & Change


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Dr. Michael Ullmann
Trainer Dr. Michael Ullmann
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  • High Performance in der Führung – Erfolg ist Kopfsache

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Leadership and performance professional Dr. Michael Ullmann is an expert in building high-performing teams, sustainable (hybrid) leadership, motivation, personal resilience and sustainable/healthy performance. Through his many years as an authorized signatory of one of the major management consultancies and as a manager in DAX companies, he knows the topics of his clients from his own experience. The successful entrepreneur, management trainer, business coach, speaker and author of specialist books is also a mental coach in top-class sport. In his work, he succeeds in combining the recipes for success from two worlds, business and sport, in an inspiring and practice-oriented way for the best performance. He successfully advises executives of international companies as well as national players, German champions, national coaches, runner-up world champions and Olympic medal winners. Whether as a keynote speaker or trainer, Dr. Ullmann inspires and motivates at the highest level and offers both concrete and easy-to-implement ideas and concepts for all participants. In summer 2022, his latest book "Remote Leadership: leading successfully from a distance" was published in its third edition.


Healthy and sustainable leadership

  • What does sustainability mean in leadership?
  • The four fields of action of sustainable leadership
  • Elements and structure of a sustainable work organization
  • Elements of a sustainable leadership culture
  • The components of sustainable
  • (self-)leadership
  • Practical implementation in your own (hybrid) day-to-day business

Hybrid leadership in practice - leading teams successfully from a distance

  • Awareness: the hybrid workspace - here to stay
  • Challenge: the challenges of hybrid leadership
  • Set-up: hard and soft framework conditions for hybrid leadership
  • Alignment: designing and implementing hybrid leadership in practice
  • Culture: developing hybrid teams


Sustainable and healthy performance - mental health in everyday life

  • Dealing with a heavy workload and high performance requirements
  • Personal resilience and mental strength beyond self-management and time management
  • Implementing healthy performance sustainably in practice
  • Life balance, work balance and private life as a harmonious triad

Shift Happens - managing change successfully

  • What it really takes for people to want to change
  • Skilfully motivating change
  • Dealing confidently with resistance to change
  • Motivation and psychology in transformation processes ... how to turn resistance into enthusiasm
  • Change "by design" instead of "by disaster": the tools of change professionals for successful practice



Further topics and lecture contents of Dr. Michael Ullmann are:


FührungsKRAFT for managers: energy, healthy performance and rapid regeneration

  • Quickly replenishing energy stores - the methods used by top athletes
  • Physical and mental regeneration in turbo gear
  • Just like in top-class sport: mental strength for more POWER at work
  • Effective energy build-up and stress reduction
  • Strengthening personal resilience
  • Mastering peak performance phases in a healthy way

Motivate like the successful coaches in top-class sport


  • The secret is revealed: what really motivates people
  • A look behind the scenes: the success formulas of top coaches
  • Tools that work in practice
  • Bonus: how top athletes overcome their inner bastard

Building high-performing teams - what we can learn from elite sport

What the TOP teams do differently

  • How the formula "1+1 = 3" works in practice
  • Dos and don'ts when building high-performing teams
  • From EGO to WE GO
  • High-performing teams also need motivation: the motivational secrets of top-class sport

References & Press


Longtime mental coach of the German national ice hockey teams, ABB, Accor Hotels, ADM, Apollo-Optik, Jungadler Mannheim ("the most successful squad in the world", WELT from 06.03. 2021), Bertelsmann Academy, Bilfinger, Capri-Sonne, CLAAS, DEKRA, Deutscher Eishockey Bund, Duravit, eOS, IBM, Hutchinson, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, KRONES AG, Leifheit, Lorenz Snack-World, Mercedes, Merck, Mohn Media, Nürnberg Ice Tigers, Thales, WIGO, Wild Wings Schwenningen, Ziehl-Abegg


Customer testimonials:
"I have known Dr. Ullmann for many years and we always enjoy working with him. His seminars are competent, inspiring and sustainable at the same time. He knows how to convey content in a practical and implementation-oriented way. The quality of his work is reflected not least in the excellent feedback from our participants." 
Bernd Schopp, VP Human Resources, Thales Germany


"Our teams need to be physically fit and mentally focused. Dr. Ullmann always manages to get the best out of them." 
Pat Cortina, long-time national ice hockey coach


"Thank you very much for your inspiration, reflection and excellent support. It is a pleasure for me to be able to work with you!" 
Robert Matzke, Managing Director, PAPYRUS



Remote Leadership – Digitale Führung: Verteilte Teams motivierend aus der Ferne führen

ISBN : 978-87-403-3407-4

8.99 €


Persönliche Resilienz stärken Raus aus der Stressfalle

ISBN : 978-87-403-2278-1

8.99 €


Stress lass nach: Vom Umgang mit hoher Arbeitsbelastung und dem Erhalt der optimalen Leistungsfähigkeit bei sich und seinen Mitarbeitern

ISBN : 9783841751096

15.80 €



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