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Michael Vaas

Concentrate on the essentials - focus on goals and implement them successfully!



Personality, Success & Motivation


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Michael Vaas
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  • Konzentration auf das Wesentliche – Ziele fokussieren und erfolgreich umsetzen | Michael Vaas

  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Optimierungsexperte Michael Vaas

  • Michael Vaas

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Michael Vaas, Director of the Michael Vaas Academy, is the optimization expert for top performance and top success. He is a speaker, bestselling author, lecturer, consultant, mental coach and mentor for companies. With 30 years of sales, management and coaching experience, he supports companies with his strategy and management consulting services to align and implement optimization and change processes. In his lectures, consultations and coaching sessions, Michael Vaas delivers a firework of impulses, ideas and strategies to solve problems, recognize opportunities, make decisions, optimize and thus become more successful. With the Michael Vaas Academy, he supports people and companies in becoming better, optimizing themselves and thus achieving top performance. He motivates and supports both managers and employees of companies to take action together and put things into practice. Michael Vaas provides the clarity and determination needed to implement goals successfully and sustainably.


Concentrating on the essentials - 
Focus on goals and implement them successfully!

  • How you can focus on the essentials and successfully achieve your goals

Success factors for the future -
Make this year your year of success! What really matters when it comes to successfully implementing goals and plans!

  • How to deal with the worries, problems and fears of these times
  • How to deal with the dramatic changes and successfully shape your future

Value-oriented corporate management 
Management and leadership as success factors!

  • Values give us security, create trust and shape our future! How you can successfully align your company for the future and be successful in the long term

Leadership excellence - 
Leading and motivating employees successfully!

  • Finding the right employees and developing them in your company so that you see a long-term perspective in your company

Get out of the hamster wheel - 
Take control of your life!

  • Get out of your daily hamster wheel to avoid stress, hectic or even burnout, find out your real goals and wishes and implement them successfully

Individual presentation concept for your event

  • Lecture individually tailored to your company and your audience, also in online format as a lecture, webinar, workshop with moderation or individual consultation or coaching


Motivation and enthusiasm 
in times of change and digitalization!

  • Dealing with change - recognizing worries and fears
  • Focusing on the opportunities and possibilities
  • Actively shaping the future with motivation and enthusiasm

From advisor to top salesperson with customer service and quality advice - 
What customers expect from their advisor!

  • How to become a top salesperson and increase your motivation, sales and income

Successful employee management -
Inspire your employees to achieve top success!

  • How to inspire your employees, lead them successfully and motivate them to top performance and top success

Self-optimization - common sense instead of autopilot! How to improve and optimize yourself, achieve your goals and become more successful as a result!

References & Press

"You really impressed us with your presentation and enriched our event. With your expertise and your winning and motivating manner, you made our management meeting something very special. Highly recommended."
Deutsche Bahn AG, DB Services GmbH, Northeast Regional Division


"Michael Vaas ... explains how to keep an overview in the flood of communication these days and concentrate on the essentials."

Swabian Post


"Michael Vaas ... has turned his experience from many years of advising customers into a program, that enables people to better define and achieve their goals". Gmünder Tagespost


"Michael Vaas motivates employees to achieve their goals! He lights the spark! It is important to him that companies and their employees are successful in the long term!"  
Karl-Thomas Starke, Member of the Board, Volksbank Welzheim eG

"Michael Vaas shows you how to work successfully on your company and not just in your company!"
Andrea Koppenhöfer - ak|p Beratung GmbH


"Michael Vaas inspires with impulses, ideas and suggestions that lead to successful changes. He manages to draw attention to the things that are important for sustainable success."
Dr. Matthias Krombholz, Ellwangen Medical Centre

"Mr. Vaas' keynote speech was world-class and a real highlight at the end of our event!"
Dieter Häsele, Hagebaumarkt Häsele

"Michael Vaas hits the nerve of the times with his motivating presentation!"
W. Grandjean, Schwäbische Post, SDZ Druck u. Medien



Ausgezeichnetes Expertenwissen: Inspiration, Insights, Impulse

ISBN : 3949869654

19.99 €


Glück: Impulse für persönliche Wege zum Glücklichsein und Glücklichwerden

ISBN : 3766499718


Verkaufserfolge und Marketing - 26 Impulse für Verkauf, Vertrieb und Marketing

ISBN : 3766499351

16.99 €


Impulse für erfolgreiches Netzwerken: 9 Impulse für professionelles Netzwerken im privaten und beruflichen Bereich

ISBN : 3766499580

14.90 €


Impulse für den Digitalen Wandel - 17 Impulse zur Digitalisierung in der Aus- und Weiterbildung und zum Lernen in der Zukunft

ISBN : 3766499475

19.90 €


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  • Infotainment

  • Workshop

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