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Milena Federmann

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Milena Federmann
  • Meine 4 Minuten zum Thema Stress, krank werden ist keine Option

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As a mental coach for personal development, mindset & stress management, mindfulness and meditation and as a certified Greator seminar leader and Greator life coach, Milena Federmann is not only committed to the personal development and mental well-being of her clients, but also advocates a new consciousness as a speaker. She is convinced that as long as we are the sum of our parents, teachers, culture, religion and upbringing, we are controlled by others for the majority of our lives. We must first learn to understand ourselves and that body, mind (thoughts) and soul (emotions) can only function in harmony.

In her talks and seminars, Milena emphasises the importance of understanding your own mental state and mindset. Her aim is to create a new awareness of one's own stress levels, to emphasise how the individual mindset is the mirror of one's current life and to show how positive changes can be set in motion.


Milena Federmann's work focuses on empowering people to strengthen their self-awareness and develop a deep understanding of their subconscious. Through her coaching, she supports her clients in dealing effectively with stress, finding solutions to life challenges and freeing themselves from old patterns in order to be free for their future.


Her participation in the Expert Congress in Dubai in October 2023 underlines her commitment to always incorporating the latest knowledge into her coaching and lectures.

In addition to group seminars, she offers unique individual retreat days tailored to clients' personal issues and goals. These 2-day mental coaching sessions are an exclusive opportunity for personal development and transformation.

With her holistic and customised approach, Milena Federmann supports each client in developing their full potential and leading a fulfilled, self-determined life.


Rethinking stress in the 21st century

  • Personality meets the digital world: why stress management is different today
  • Stress as an opportunity for personal development: only you decide what stresses you out
  • Creating a positive stress culture: How companies benefit from mental deceleration

New awareness of the power of mindset

  • Develop a cultivated and positive growth mindset
  • You can't do it alone. A strong mind brings positive emotions and a healthy body
  • Why positive thoughts promote health

Self leadership first - self-confidence as a foundation for leaders

  • Inner (leadership) strength: Those who understand themselves can also understand others!
  • Self-praise is right: Only those who recognise themselves can also appreciate others!
  • Humanity meets success: Why leadership is the symbiosis of humanity and sustainable corporate success

References & Press

Extract from company references:


"The feedback from customers was consistently positive. The topics corresponded to the customer's interests and the interaction provided entertainment and variety. Her human nature was also very pleasant right from the start." Ruck, Neuenbürg


"She manages to inspire and motivate the audience" Pforzheimer Zeitung


"... you were a very refreshing character for me on stage. You had humour and modulation, loud and quiet. That's what it takes, what people want." 
Reference H. Scherer

Awards and honours:
2023 Speaker Award

2023 Expert Congress in Dubai



Veränderung ist die Chance

ISBN : 978-3347973435


Speaker & Experten Guide 2024

ISBN : 979-8325549496



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