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Nadine Stich
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Nadine Stich is an EXPERT IN RESILIENCE. After almost 2 decades in the turbulent waters of the free market economy, she knows the challenges within companies. After a suspected boreout, Nadine Stich completed training as an alternative practitioner in the field of psychotherapy and integrative psychotherapy training. She is a certified HeartMath® and Embodied Breathwork® coach. Her starting points are the autonomic nervous system, conscious perception and the subconscious. Her tools are resilience and breathing techniques, hypnosis and HRV biofeedback. With the help of HRV biofeedback, she is able to make stress and resilience visible. Her services include coaching, workshops and retreats. With her WORKWISE HAPPINESS concept, Nadine Stich ensures connectedness, performance and productivity in SMEs. Nadine Stich knows how to perceive people on a deep level and show them new perspectives. Her clients appreciate her balanced and empathetic charisma. With her sympathetic and amiable attitude, she creates a trusting basis for the personal development of her clients.


Resilience in medium-sized companies 

  • Resilience, the immune system of the (corporate) soul: what's really behind it?
  • The art of breathing - the performance booster: a forgotten tool for emotional well-being. 
  • Being busy vs. productivity: Why breaks provide space for creative ideas and new perspectives.

The teams of tomorrow 

  • Strong with resilience: The team power for goal-oriented decisions. 
  • Genuine team spirit with purpose and understanding: How teams organize work energetically and creatively. 
  • Finding solutions independently: Leading the company into an innovative future together. 

Overcoming challenges at work with confidence

  • Honest self-reflection: Discover yourself and find your true strengths.
  • Release inner blockages: How to step into your power with the right methods. 
  • Just keep at it: How to maintain your focus with mental clarity and achieve your professional goals.

References & Press

Excerpt from company references:
Glen Dimplex Germany, Riedel Kooling, Jung Agency


"I am / was never really open to these topics. But as I was reaching my limits, I had to do something to get back on the right track. That's why I got involved. Now I really have to say that I feel better. The coaching has put me on the right path and I'm also feeling much better. Now it's time to stay on the ball, keep going deeper and not fall back into old patterns. Working with Nadine was simply great and I felt very well looked after and understood. I would recommend the coaching at any time."
Mr. Martin, Head of HR Service


"Working with Nadine is a lot of fun and helps me to deal with everyday feelings and reflect on them better. She has valuable tips and tricks for dealing with stress and for mental health. She is very empathetic, appreciative and responds to my individual needs. Thank you for that!"
Ms. Müller, Art Director


"First of all, I would like to thank you very much for the experience I had at the Day Retreat. It was the BEST thing I have ever experienced.

I was able to take so much with me. I am still overwhelmed and stunned by what it has done for me. Professionally I am much more relaxed under stress and privately even more so... Thank you, Nadine!!! Keep up the good work and convince the "doubters". (which I was too)"

Mrs. Klipphahn, Service


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