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Niko Karasek


Niko Karasek - In tricky situations at home and abroad, he stands confidently in front of the camera and provides first-hand reporting. He is known from broadcasters such as RTL, ZDF, ARD, Pro7 (Galileo Reportagen) and many more. Niko Karasek is dedicated to clarifying difficult international issues, especially in the relationship between Russia and Ukraine. The experienced journalist and reporter spent six years in Russia and also worked for a long time in China and South America. He skillfully combines his wealth of experience as an expert in international politics and journalism with a life full of adrenaline and risk. He shares these profound impressions and insights with his audience in a captivating way - whether as a highly sought-after speaker or in front of the camera.


International politics

  • Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Europe - Are we on the brink of a world war? 
  • Germany - Economic miracle or on the decline?
  • European security policy - Should we be worried?

The future of journalism

  • Journalism - Between quality, trash TV and food bloggers
  • Reports from crisis areas - Living and working in dictatorship and liberty  
  • How do I, as a German company, gain access to foreign cultures and thus opportunities for a new sales market?

Adventure and breaking out of everyday life

  • Simply move away with open arms into the unknown - Into a world full of opportunities 
  • How do I survive in foreign cultures? Successfully organizing your next business trip and stay abroad
  • Traveling and working in the Arctic and Siberia - accepting and mastering new challenges

References & Press

Known from:

  • ZDF - in the foreign journal
  • RTL - RTL aktuell, RTL Nachtjournal
  • ARD - reports
  • Pro7 - Galileo 
  • arte
  • n-tv
  • Sat.1
  • vox
  • NDR
  • SWR
  • MDR
  • Neue Züricher Zeitung



North Korea: Anonymous Country: Anonymus Country. Text in Deutsch, Englisch und Französisch

ISBN : 3832798439

69.56 €



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  • Business talk

  • Specialized lecture

  • Interview

  • Hosting

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