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Nikolai Ladanyi

Wachstum ist kein Zufall! "” Die scale-up-DNA der Hidden Champions für mehr Unternehmenserfolg.



Strategy, Organization & Corporate Development


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Nikolai Ladanyi
Entrepreneur Nikolai Ladanyi
  • Die ultimative Business-Strategie, um Unternehmen zu gründen // Nikolai Ladanyi


  • BHAG Webinar von Nikolai Ladanyi in Piemont

  • OKRs - der neuste geile Sch***?

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Nikolai Ladanyi, Lic. rer. pol., is an author and serial entrepreneur with a passion. After studying economics in Fribourg/CH, he started his career at Barings Private Equity Partners in Frankfurt and London. He had previously supported two start-ups in Argentina as a seed investor and sold both. He is a scaling expert, co-author and editor of the most authoritative bestsellers in this field: "Growth through Leadership" and "Scaling up". He empowers business leaders and executives alike to apply structures and leadership principles that trigger measurably more growth. Nikolai is himself an active entrepreneur, angel investor and turnaround expert as well as a personal development coach. This dual perspective enables him in particular to optimally implement the potential of the scaling-up method in companies internationally. In his seminars and lectures, he inspires participants with rousing examples from practice, always gets to the point and knows how to lovingly hold up a mirror.


The scale-up DNA of hidden champions - How to scale successfully with the success principles of global market leaders

Scale-up structure -
Anyone can found a start-up, but only a few scale up successfully

  • How to gain more time for the essentials with the right tools and an agile company structure
  • How to use the scale-up framework to empower your employees to develop a sustainable and forward-looking corporate strategy
  • How to scale successfully, take all employees with you and achieve exponential growth

Scale-up culture - clear, transparent, consistent

  • How to bring the term "culture" to life through active actions and measures
  • How to build a culture of responsibility so that everyone does what they say and says what they do
  • How you can immediately lead more effectively with concrete tools and recognize which employees suit you and which don't

Scale-up strategy - 
Discover and realize your full potential

  • The new art of customer segmentation - How to identify your core customers and understand their most important needs
  • Marketing is the new sales - How to unleash your team's creativity with a bold value proposition
  • How to find, expand and secure your competitive advantage with the internationally proven and tested scale-up method

Further topics:

Scaling up - you too can scale - Why some companies make it and others get stranded


Growth can be planned - How to get your company on course for growth with a system


The growth hacks - Simply more growth!


Company value - How to significantly increase your company valuation with the right levers

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"Extremely helpful! Pragmatic methods and tools that can be applied immediately in business and quickly achieve visible results." Sven van den Bergh, Limango GmbH


"Our session focused on the strategic direction of etventure. All our expectations were exceeded." Philipp Depiereux, Etventure GmbH


"This is how I can imagine reaching the next level in my company." Holger Westenbaum,


"The scale-up program is the Swiss pocket knife of entrepreneurship." Frederic Fuchs, TAM Academy


"As valuable and practical as an Executive MBA, only much faster." 
Andreas Franz, Framos


"From the outset, I liked the scale up approach, that the process aims to empower employees to work more independently and take responsibility for what they do." Oliver Gernstl, mega-heart


"Many of the supposedly difficult decisions have become very clear through the systematic application of the tools and processes." Stephanie Hellstedt, albamygroup


„Thank you Nikolai Ladanyi for your tireless support and the intensive workshop days! As always, with you and the scale up program it was exhausting but incredibly valuable days... highly recommended for all entrepreneurs!“ Markus Dickhardt, Founder & CEP Roadurfer


“Extremely helpful pragmatic methods and tools that can be applied immediately in business and quickly achieve visible results.” Sven van den Bergh, Limango GmbH


“Our sessions focused on the strategic direction of etventure. All our expectations were exceeded.” Philipp Depiereux




Wachstum durch Führung

ISBN : 978-3791031866

44.95 €


Hyper-Org for Hyper-Growth

ISBN : 978-3981801712

34.95 €


Scaling Up

ISBN : 978-3981801705

29.95 €



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