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Otto Binggeli
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  • Otto Binggeli auf dem Speaker Slam Swiss 2020

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Otto Binggeli is an expert in personality and impact and is one of the leading motivational and management trainers in the German-speaking world. He supports and accompanies companies and their teams in achieving their corporate goals. In today's rapidly changing market, those who do things differently from the others win. Personality is THE success factor in a company and has an impact on all functional levels and areas. Otto Binggeli teaches how to train it and use it in a targeted manner in entertaining presentations and motivating company seminars. The excellent rhetorician acquired his profound knowledge and experience in various positions in the financial and insurance sectors in the areas of marketing and sales as well as in several management positions in the pharmaceutical industry. Otto Binggeli was awarded a Golden Idea Award by IDEE-SUISSE® for his seminar company "Move your life". His seminars live by the motto: inspire, move, achieve.


Your key to a better quality of life, motivation that inspires

  • How to recognize your own motives and thus strengthen your self-motivation
  • How to recognize your strengths and use them effectively in practice
  • How to tackle and achieve (new) goals creatively and with vigor through a focused approach
  • How to increase your profit by paying close attention to important details

Quantum leap to success - motivation that moves you

  • How to develop your personal winning strategy and implement your success level plan in a practical and realistic way
  • How to decode the five secrets of modern negotiation communication and become a negotiation pro
  • How to identify and analyze the laws of sales and how to achieve more with less

How to increase your sales by 30 percent 

Motivation that works

  • How to analyze the current market situation and redefine your company goals
  • How to define the twelve milestones that will put your company's growth on track
  • How the "think from the customer's perspective" approach will bring you more profit

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"I have already attended a number of seminars and training courses, but the Quantum Leap to Success was the best thing that I and my team could experience."
G. Galliker, CEO, Garage Galliker AG

"Otto Binggeli has contributed a great deal to our company's success with his training and his authentic, honest and open manner."
F. Hugelshofer, Sales Director, Partner Pandinavia AG


"Profitable, motivating and very practical - that's the best way to describe Otto Binggeli's training courses. We can highly recommend him as a trainer."
C. Weingartner, CEO, Premium Cars Knonau

"The authentic, likeable and motivating way in which Otto Binggeli conveys even complex content in an understandable way really appeals to me. His whole personality radiates competence, knowledge and experience; his practical approach is based on a solid theoretical foundation."
Ulrich Mayer, Text & Concept Advertising Consulting



Sich selbst begeistern und andere mitreissen

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Sich selbst begeistern und andere mitreißen

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  • Impulses and motivation

  • Practical relevance

  • Workshop