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Dr. Patrick Flesner
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Dr. Patrick Flesner is a former professional handball player in the 1st German league, a bestselling published author, and an expert in leadership and business development. His experiences in elite sports, as a partner in renowned law firms, in a leadership position in a publicly traded company, and as a partner in a venture capital fund shape his comprehensive perspective on leadership and business growth. With his books "The Leadership House" and "FastScaling" (The Smart Path to Build Massively Valuable Businesses), as well as his TEDx Talk "How to Become a Highly Effective Leader," he has gained international recognition. Dr. Flesner is a prominent figure in the international management literature and regularly contributes to prestigious management magazines. His ability to present complex leadership topics in a systematic, tangible, and engaging manner makes him a popular keynote speaker. As a Growth Mindset Leadership Coach, Dr. Flesner assists executives in the areas of leadership development, cultural change, and business development.


Growth Mindset Leadership - How to Lead More Effectively and Generate Sustainable Business Growth


  • What the elements of effective leadership are and how to systematically apply them
  • Why obstacles ultimately fuel sustainable business growth
  • How to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset in your employees and ensure they collaborate effectively

Success Factor „Team“ - Building, Developing & Leading Teams

  • How to assemble strong teams
  • How to transform strong individual players into a strong team
  • The role of psychology in effective leadership
  • How to ensure that your teams perform and turn vision into reality

Success Factor Company Culture - Shaping, Communicating, & Sustaining a Healthy Culture

  • How effective leaders shape a strong company culture
  • Dos & Don'ts of effective communication
  • How a strong company culture translates into strong business growth

FastScaling - How to Develop New Business Fields Smartly, Quickly, and Sustainably

  • How to systematically develop new business fields and new ventures
  • When to prioritize speed over efficiency
  • How to recognize the right time for accelerating business growth
  • How to transfer scaling into sustainable business growth

References & Press

"Patrick shares the tools necessary to enhance your leadership journey."

Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks International


"Great storytelling alongside with the simultaneous communication of facts."

Gisbert Rühl, former CEO of Klöckner & Co SE


"Patrick's expertise impresses."

Oliver Kaltner, former CEO Leica AG


"How to create immense value in 30 minutes? That's Patrick's playing field."

Wolfgang Langeder, Head of Strategy at WeGrow International


"Patrick's keynote was a hit – full of energy and smooth storyline to follow. His passion for leadership was contagious. His ideas to help leaders and leadership teams improve their leadership skills are pushing leadership thinking."

Harri Talin, Partner at CIVITTA and Co-Founder of Challenger Accelerator


"Dr. Patrick Flesner delivered a keynote on the topic of 'Corporate Success through Effective Leadership' and captivated our audience with examples from sports, entertainment, and business. An impressive blend of knowledge sharing and entertainment. 'The Leadership House' will remain a lasting memory for all of us and will undoubtedly assist us in our daily leadership endeavors."

Jörg Brück, Managing Director Backstage Consulting GmbH



The Leadership House

ISBN : 978-1394191130



ISBN : 978-3000682148



A Leadership Framework with Patrick Flesner

Leading for Sustainable Growth with Patrick Flesner

Becoming an Effective Leader: Welcoming back Patrick Flesner TLWC #110


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