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Patrick Hüter, trainer, NLP coach, health and nursing professional, nursing educator (B.A.) and health scientist (M.A.) is an expert when it comes to health literacy, stress prevention and occupational health. For over ten years, these topics have shaped his work at various levels. As a healthcare and nursing professional in clinical and non-clinical areas, he has already dealt intensively with the dimensions of health and illness. He later worked as a lecturer and trainer in the fields of exercise, nutrition and stress management for various health insurance companies. He did not find these assignments to be truly sustainable for the participants. With the motivation to sustainably anchor health in company settings, he and his business partner launched the Expedition Healthy Company. In addition to his work as an entrepreneur, trainer and speaker, and as an active member of BBGM e.V., he is also a lecturer at two state and two private universities. He is a welcome guest at congresses, health events and company events.



Patrick Hüter is a convincing source of inspiration on large stages and in smaller settings, as well as in his methodically and didactically well thought-out workshops. He focuses on maintaining and promoting health literacy, stress prevention and management as well as occupational health. Guaranteed to be varied and sustainable!

Healthy company - anchoring occupational health in a targeted and sustainable way.

Healthy corporate culture, the key to workplace health promotion? 
Impulse for a targeted and sustainable anchoring of health in the company
How a targeted and sustainable strategy becomes a radiant employer branding and magnetically attracts employees

Even the fruit basket has feelings - when health is misunderstood again.

Misconception: health promotion hurts and the pain is relieved with a fruit basket
Health does not mean doing without
Dissolving beliefs
Motivational kick for a healthy attitude (beyond the fruit basket)

The last one to turn off the light - What does sleep actually have to do with stress prevention?

Why the queue in the supermarket stresses us out nowadays and not the sabre-toothed tiger
Impulse for dealing with stress: Towards a strong inner resistance (resilience)
Everyday stress and its influence on our sleep
Before the lights go out, a look at really good sleep and what I need to do to get it


Don't forget yourself - when stress becomes part of everyday life.

Why the work-life balance can no longer work like this
Work, partner, children, caring for relatives - how do I reconcile everything?
Impulse for self-care and concrete action steps to not forget yourself


By arrangement, Patrick Hüter will also address individual topic requests on your part.

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Excerpt from Proven Expert:


"Interesting and method-rich workshop. Very competent lecturer.
We look forward to further events."

"Thank you! We were able to work together in various workshops and I was always very satisfied. The participants definitely learned a lot of new things and received great support. The different needs of the participants were addressed and different methods were used. A great, open contact - highly recommended!"


"Hi Patrick, I've always been really happy so far! Agreements have worked out, topics have been conveyed and the interpersonal relationships have also been good! Gladly again if needed :)"


"Super competent lecturer. I can only recommend him."


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Auditory impression:


🎙Even a fruit basket has feelings! - Patrick Hüter as a guest on the Ja KlaHR podcast


🎙#Insight - in demand: Creating more awareness for health in companies

Visual insight:


📽 Impulse at Zukunft Personal in Hamburg - shaping sustainable workplace health promotion


Excerpt from publications:


📰 10/23: IHK magazine, Sustainable health promotion. How do you change your mindset and take more care of yourself?


📰 06/23: Better safe than sorry, report on the workshop of the Health and Work Division of the German Society for Public Health (DGPH) as part of the "Poverty and Health" congress on 07.03.23 in Berlin


📰 01/23: ASU - Zeitschrift für medizinische Prävention, Sustainably anchoring health in the company.


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