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Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić

Look into the future! Then you will know what you have to do today.



Digitalization, Innovation & Future


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Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić
Speaker Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić
  • Dr. Pero Mićić – Der Zukunftsmanager - Keynotes und Vorträge

  • Ihre Zukunfts Chancen in der Krise! // Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić

  • So wird KI Arbeit und Geschäft verändern - ChatGPT: Meine Einschätzung | Dr. Pero Mićić

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There are many futurologists. Future managers only one. In 1991, Dr. Pero Mićić founded the first company for future management in Europe, FutureManagementGroup AG, of which he is Chairman of the Board. Dr. Mićić reports from over 30 years of practice. He speaks daily with the top leaders of business. As an investor, among others in the field of artificial intelligence, Pero Mićić has his finger on the pulse of trends, future technologies and business models. In more than 1,200 projects, he has analyzed future markets, developed visions and future strategies, and won over employees for implementation with the executives of well-known corporations and leading medium-sized companies. At Steinbeis University, Dr. Mićić is a professor of foresight and strategy. He leads the Leader's Foresight Institute in Lucerne as president. Pero Mićić has published several award-winning books in renowned publishing houses. He is a founding member of the Association of Professional Futurists in the USA and has served as Chairman of the Advisory Board of the European Futurists Conference. Dr. Mićić inspires with fascinating scenarios, concrete strategies and methods while making them easy to understand and useful. With an impressive speaking style and over 1,700 presentations, he is a sought-after speaker worldwide.


The map of the future

  • The trend system behind strategies of leading companies.
  • This is how trends and technologies will change your life, your job and your business. Profit from AI, robotics and the like.
  • Become future-competent. This is how you keep an eye on trends.

BRIGHT FUTURE BUSINESS: How to future-proof your business now.

  • Eight characteristics of a company with a bright future.
  • How to achieve the most important goals: Success, security, joy.
  • How to benefit from trends and technologies of the future.
  • How to secure yourself against disruptive attacks.

How to lead your team into the future

  • Lead with a meaningful mission and motivating vision.
  • This is how you create a sustainable corporate culture.
  • How to win over your employees for your future strategy.
  • How implementation can fail and how it can succeed.

How to get fit for the working world of the future

  • These are the successful industries of the future.
  • This is what you need to learn and be able to do to be a sought-after expert (f/m/d) in the future.
  • This is what you need to forget and let go of in order to be fit for the future.
  • This is how you provide for your old age without saving more.

Joy of the future instead of fear of the future!

  • This is how joy for the future cures fear of the future.
  • Intelligent solutions to the big problems.
  • Your best advice to your friends and children.
  • That's why you can be confident about the future.

Future Talkshop with Prof. Dr. Pero Mićić

Pero Mićić, with his 33 years of experience as an entrepreneur and future strategist, will answer your guests' questions about the future, innovation, strategy and leadership.

References & Press

ZDF, RTL, Handelsblatt and many others have reported on Dr. Mićić.
His know-how was secured by companies such as BOSCH, Villeroy & Boch, Ravensburger, Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Dupont, SAP, ABB, BASF, Microsoft, RWE, E.ON, Hilton, BAYER, OTTO, METRO, Continental, AXA, Nestlé, 3M, Swisscom, Procter & Gamble and even the BKA.

"After all, you have a great gift for explaining things in an easy and understandable way." Ulrich Wickert, ARD

"Dr. Mićić is a very charismatic speaker and knows how to captivate the audience." Diehl

"We've never been so excited about a lecture before." VDR

"A virtuoso speaker and highlight of the conference." Cursor AG

"The response from our audience has been phenomenal across the board." ITM

"He struck a chord and a chord with our guests."

"Pero Mićić is an inspiring boon". Monika Scheddin

"Pero Mićić is a top speaker!” Michael Ehlers

"Great cinema! His voice has power!” Arno Fischbacher

"Sensational lecture Clear. Profound. Inspiring!" Wolf Hirschmann



Bright Future Business: So machen Sie Ihr Unternehmen jetzt zukunftssicher (Dein Business)

ISBN : 3967391094

32.00 €


Wie wir uns täglich die Zukunft versauen: Raus aus der Kurzfrist-Falle

ISBN : 3430201608

14.50 €


Presentation types

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Practical relevance

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