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Peter Halvax

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Peter Halvax
Trainer Peter Halvax
  • Peter Halvax - Was Menschen erfolgreich macht

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Peter Halvax, a passionate speaker and trainer, is a sales excellence expert. His training courses and presentations are based on the latest scientific findings in psychology. The sales and communication professional inspires with a highly effective repertoire of sales and negotiation strategies, as well as clever secrets and tactics. He gained his know-how during his many years in the sales department of an international corporation. His clients include international corporations as well as small and medium-sized companies. In his coaching sessions, training courses, seminars and lectures, he inspires participants with his motivating, inspiring and emotionalizing way of communicating. He is a man from the field for the field, who knows how to address and activate all channels of sales communication with lived and proven successful knowledge. He makes you want to sell!


The sales excellence formula for sales professionals -
The simple art of the new selling!

  • How to understand what makes your customer tick - from what they want to what they want to have
  • How to appeal specifically to your customer's head and gut and score points in their heart
  • How to conduct sales conversations easily, successfully and confidently and inspire your customers
  • How to convince with clarity and structure in sales talks and become an encourager
  • How to use emotional sales methods to find a common wavelength and anchor your messages 
  • How to use the traffic light technique to create optimal decision-making conditions and successfully close deals

Successful negotiation - 
With psychological factors & clever secrets

  • How to achieve strong results with psychological strategies and clever tactics
  • How to master every negotiation situation with confidence using the 4 phases & 4 aces method 
  • How to deal optimally with uncooperative negotiating partners 
  • How to understand the 5 basic needs of your counterpart and move from resistance to a win-win deal

Quick-wittedness with charm - 
How to counter effectively in sales

  • How to build up your own repertoire of repartee in 3 steps
  • How to set boundaries without offending
  • How to identify the four main categories of attack and eliminate them methodically
  • How to respond to objections in an elegant and targeted manner

References & Press

Company References: 

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"In his training sessions, Peter Halvax showed us a professional and relaxed approach to our customers in an extremely practical way. Each of us sensed that he lives this training himself and responds to us and our day-to-day work with heart and mind. With his many exciting stories and his very human approach, he left a lasting impression on me and our store employees."
Christoph Mangold, Quality Manager Own Retail, Hutchison/Drei Austria GmbH


"All the employees involved were completely enthusiastic from the very first training session! With the highest level of professional competence, but also the necessary humor, Mr. Halvax understands it to get to the heart of targeted messages!"
Bernhard Karlsberger, Managing Director, Holter GmbH

Presentation types

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

  • Workshop

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