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Philip Keil

Only your actions count in the cockpit. Pulling over is not possible!



Management, Leadership & Change


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Philip Keil
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  • Keynote Speaker Philip Keil | Pilot & Redner des Jahres

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  • Erfolgsfaktor Fehlerkultur | Pilot & Top-Redner Philip Keil

  • Übernehme Verantwortung | Pilot & Keynote Speaker Philip Keil

  • Decisions Points: Sicher entscheiden in turbulenten Zeiten | Philip Keil

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Over 9,000 flying hours, thousands of takeoffs and landings on four continents and a flight that changed his life "Germany's best-known pilot" (ERFOLG magazine) captivates his audience with an extraordinary life story and valuable expert knowledge. As a leader above the clouds, he speaks from lived practice about dealing with challenges, the team as a success factor and positive error culture. Philip Keil takes his audience into the cockpit and transfers exciting thought-provoking impulses to the corporate world. He has received several international awards for his motivational impulse presentations, most recently with a nomination for the Red Fox Award as Speaker of the Year in 2019 and 2020. "As an international top speaker and successful author, he has inspired tens of thousands of people across Europe" (Handelsblatt).


Crash or precision landing? 
The team makes the difference

Flying is above all one thing: teamwork. What is the secret of successful teams and what causes teams to fail? As an executive above the clouds, Philip Keil speaks from real-life experience about leadership and communication in difficult situations. This multi-award winning impulse lecture transfers the "Crew Resource Management" from aviation to the corporate world - exciting and concretely applicable.

  • Human factor instead of autopilot: Leadership culture in uncertain times
  • Personal responsibility: Teams need clear roles, not steep hierarchies
  • Trust is the fuel for success: Teamwork at maximum altitude

Making safe decisions in turbulent times

Philip Keil shows how pilots make difficult decisions while consistently focusing on a positive error culture. Only those who dare to openly address mistakes can prevent a dangerous "error chain. It is not a wrong decision that leads to a crash, but almost always the lack of a decision - even in the corporate cockpit!

  • Dealing with change: Reaching goals means reaching people
  • Because pulling over is not an option: Making safe decisions with a clear focus
  • Don't ask WHO, understand WHY: How to create a positive culture of error

You are the pilot! New goals require a clear compass

Every change begins with a single image in our minds. A vision. What role does our "inner compass" play in this and what often keeps us from following it? Look forward to a motivational lecture in the area of tension between ratio and intuition, control and trust, routines and change.

  • Personal responsibility as a success factor: What impulses drive us into action?
  • Confidence is the fuel for success: Change needs a focus
  • Inner compass: about the power of intuition and the courage to follow it

More topics and lecture contents by Philip Keil are:

Impulses for positive error culture

Strategies for dealing with change

Communication and teamwork above the clouds

References & Press

"Philip Keil knows the challenges that managers have to face today. His impulse lecture enriched our event enormously!" Jochen Forstner, Daimler AG   

"Mr. Keil was the highlight of our sales kick-off! You could have heard a pin drop, that's how spellbound our sales people were. Simply great!" Thomas A. Fornol, Swiss Life AG 

"Your keynote presentation at our executive conference was pure goosebumps: your content, your calmness...very impressive!" Cornelia Busch, Deutsche Telekom

"1,200 attendees from around the world were inspired and absolutely delighted by your Keynote Speech on Positive Error Culture." Florian Martini, Siemens AG

Siemens AG, E.ON, SAP, Audi AG, Commerzbank, Allianz, Continental, Daimler AG, Deutsche Telekom AG, BASF AG, Wacker Chemie AG, Deutsche Bahn AG, IWC, T-Mobile Austria, Tom Tailor SE, Kaufland GmbH & Co. KG, SONY, Züblin AG, Richemont AG, Drillisch AG, General Electric, Edeka, Swiss Life AG, Celgene AG, Schüco KG, Provinzial Versicherung, WKO – Wirtschaftskammer Österreich, IHK, Coffee Fellows, Imperial Brands AG, Infineon AG, Saint Gobain AG, Sparkasse, Fujitsu, BVMW, Swiss Leadership Forum, dpe – Department of Petroleum Engineering, INJOY Fitness und Wellness, VGSD, KfW-IPEX Bank, Baumit GmbH, Ferring Arzneimittel GmbH, EVVC European Association of Event Centres, Ringfoto GmbH, Computerwoche/ IDG Business Media GmbH, Ophardt Hygiene Technik GmbH, MCD Sportmarketing GmbH, Transnet BW GmbH, Bauverlag BV GmbH, BuK – Bund unabhängiger Küchenspezialisten, BIT-Verlag, COBA Baustoffgesellschaft, Deutscher Ausbildungsleiterkongress, MLP Finanzberatung SE, EuRA – European Relocation Association, BoDeWo AG, Checkpoint Systems GmbH, FP Finanzpartner AG, ECMA – Europ. Carton Maker Association, Eurobaustoff GmbH & Co. KG, Nesseler Bau GmbH, ConSalt GmbH, EO Entrepreneurs Organisation, Brunata Wärmemessungs GmbH, Auren Unternehmensberatung, Baumit GmbH, Salt Solutions AG, CCV – Deutscher Callcenter Verband, Maschinenringe Deutschland GmbH, SALT Solutions GmbH, Ethianum Betriebs-GmbH, Webasto, GSK Rechtsanwälte, Universität Augsburg, Careers Lounge, Marketing Club Ingolstadt, Marketing Club Mittelhessen, Tradu4you GmbH, Papierwerke Landshut, Sturm Gruppe, u. v. m. 



Du bist der Pilot: Wie Sie selbstBEWUSST Ihre Ziele im LEBEN erreichen.: Wie Sie selbstBEWEUSST Ihre Ziele im LEBEN erreichen.

ISBN : 3981611896

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  • Impulses and motivation

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