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Rainer Berger

Fit im Business - Gesundheit, der Erfolgsfaktor Nr. 1



Medicine, Health & Fitness


Rainer Berger
Speaker Rainer Berger
  • Rainer Berger Vorstellung

  • !Knallhart Nachgefragt! mit Rainer Berger

  • Gesunde Unternehmenskultur - Sales-up-Call Hörprobe

  • 11-Min.-Rede von Rainer Berger: Nebenwirkungen PHÄNOMENAL: Warum Bewegung fast immer die Lösung ist!

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Rainer Berger, Dipl. Sports Scientist, studied sports medicine and exercise science. He is an expert in strategic and active health management. As a former top sprinter and bobsledder, he looked after many world-class athletes for eight years as a product and promotion manager after his sports career at adidas as well as Puma AG. Today, under the name "Success Factor HEALTH!", he impressively and authentically combines health content with emotional experiences to improve corporate culture. His vision: to make a health culture as a driver for satisfaction and best performance at work a matter for the boss. True to the motto: "Make your Company a fitter Place". In his coachings, trainings, seminars and lectures, the health expert inspires with a firework of lived impulses from top sports and health. For years, the sports scientist has also moderated renowned sports and corporate events. He loves & lives movement and likes to transform many a lecture into a fitness experience at short notice in order to get people moving.



Fitness & Health is not a coincidence

  • How to develop a high-performance mindset and significantly increase your creative performance  
  • How our body works and how we can make every cell of our body happy
  • How to build resilience and stay fit for the long term with the Luis Trenker formula

Healthy employees - healthy companies

  • How to create a working environment for best performance
  • How to anchor a culture of health in your company, become an attractive employer and improve your employer branding
  • How to activate productivity & innovation with the right measures

Healthy & Fit in the Hybrid Work Environment

  • How to integrate your fitness program into your daily work routine 
  • How to use your workplace as a gym
  • How to reduce stress, increase concentration and release new energies

Fit in business - little time and still fit

  • How to make my weaker self a friend
  • How to actively train your body & mind anywhere in the world
  • How to maintain your body's greatest support and build resilience

More topics:

FIT and healthy into old age - Gymnastics until the urn

  • How we keep our muscles young and why we should take care of them




References & Press

AEG/Electrolux, adidas, Barmer, Baxter, Deutsche Post, GEA Group, HOCHTIEF, Hochschule für angewandtes Management (HAM), Krombacher, MAN Truck&Bus, Merrell, NürnbergMesse, Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe, Puma, SCHAEFFLER, Siemens Health Care, Reisebank, Team Bank, Volksbank Bielefeld-Gütersloh, Bosch, LagerBOX u.v.m.

„Rainer Berger has accompanied our 'healthier through everyday life' initiative from the very beginning. We work with him on various topics (nutrition, exercise and relaxation). The great response from our employees and the successful cooperation has prompted us to engage him as a long-term health expert for our corporate health management. We as the client, but also our employees are very satisfied with Mr. Berger's performance.” Klaus Wührl, CEO of the Management Board Electrolux Hausgeräte GmbH

„Thank you very much for your great presentation. The colleagues were also enthusiastic about the exercises. Some colleagues have already been spotted taking the stairs. As you can see, we stay mobile." Marion Schoger, Nürnberger Versicherungsgruppe

"We pay attention to the health awareness of our employees early on in our talent development events. Both here and in our leadership seminars, Rainer Berger supports us with theory and clear exercises. In doing so, he always manages to reach and motivate all participants with a good dose of humor." Gudrun Blankenhaus, 
Head of Management Development GEA Group AG

"Since 2022, Rainer Berger has been supporting NürnbergMesse in conceptual issues relating to the implementation of occupational health management. As a former competitive athlete, he combines his sports science expertise with strategic consulting and thus creates great added value for his customers." Dr. Ulf Santjer, Executive Director Corporate Communications & Corporate Marketing

"One man, one sprint. This bundle of energy brings the power of movement and nutrition expressively to the point. Motivating and inspiring, a joy to see him live." Michael Leibrecht, Managing director media and marketing GmbH



Faszination New Work: 50 Impulse für die neue Arbeitswelt: Mit E-Book

ISBN : 3658246170

32.99 €



Eine Gesundheitskultur am Arbeitsplatz kann der Motor für Zufriedenheit und Best-Performance eines Unter-nehmens sein. Diese Erfahrung hat der Sportwissenschaftler und ehemalige Leistungssportler Rainer Berger gemacht. Er plädiert dafür, Gesundheitskultur zur Chefsache zu machen. Und damit ist nicht der Kicker oder der Obstkorb gemeint. Gerade im Hinblick auf Fachkräftemangel wollen junge Menschen ganzheitlich wahr-genommen, wertgeschätzt und unterstützt werden. Mit der Einführung eines Gesundheitsbewusstseins redu-zieren Unternehmen nicht nur Fehlzeiten, sondern sie fördern die Gesundheit ihrer Mitarbeitenden, stärken die Motivation und schaffen einen Teamspirit. Wie das gehen kann und was die Luis-Trenker Formel damit zu tun hat, erfahren wir in unserem Expertentalk.

Rainer Berger - Make your Company a better place


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