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Rainer Großmann: From Master Craftsman to Industrial Management Expert and Growth Specialist. His extensive experience in service and customer support has honed his expertise in navigating complex customer dialogues and devising solution strategies. He has successfully executed and overseen projects across all continents, managing responsibilities in the multi-million range and advising administrative boards of international billion-dollar revenue companies. Even while serving as a leader in top management, Rainer Großmann continued to expand his knowledge in coaching, training, and consulting. Many of his clients are among the hidden champions of the German-speaking business world. His portfolio boasts thousands of seminars, workshops, and coaching sessions. His unique and dynamic approach unveils the full potential at every business level, from management to team leaders and their teams. His transparent working method promotes simplicity, clarity, and vision. As a specialist in entrepreneurial growth, he and his team guide their clients. Rainer Großmann's integrated working methodology transforms leaders into effective doers. His principles are honesty, appreciation, and recognition. His expertise ensures transformation, resolution, and the realization of visions in businesses.


Sales Excellence in SMEs

  • Message Alignment with Product: Fine-tuning your sales and marketing strategy to ensure your message resonates with your product.
  • Understanding Customer Needs: Uncovering the true desires of customers and why asking the right questions is crucial to business success.
  • Achieving Your Goals: The importance of strategy and focus as the foundation for measurable outcomes.

Leadership in SMEs

  • Understanding What Leaders Truly Want: Identifying the real motives and drives of your leadership team.
  • Skill vs. Knowledge: Fostering action-oriented competencies in your leaders by focusing on their strengths.
  • Creating Movement in People: Generating team spirit through lived values and a strong corporate culture.
  • Leadership as a Unique Selling Proposition: Establishing your brand as a magnet for customers and employees through distinctive leadership.


Strategic Communication in SMEs

  • Setting Clear Objectives: The significance of precise goal setting for successful implementation.
  • Present vs. Future: Inspiring your team with powerful corporate communication that brings your visions to life.
  • Creating Connectedness: Building a foundation for self-efficacy through shared understanding and common goals.

References & Press

Extract of company references:
rebado, REHAU, Glen Dimplex Germany, Riedel Kooling, Jung Agency, Weber Extrusion, Maisel & Friends, Ireks, Human Skills, CA Bank, ABM, CEDIO, Wiegand, Bavaria Yachts


"His cheerfulness, openness and focus are infectious - no matter what appointment or topic I'm coming from, he manages to get everyone involved in the joint project. In the end, ideas and thoughts emerge that help everyone move forward - both the individuals and the team. It's fun to work with him - and to be successful! During the collaboration, my view of my team has changed. I have learned that - if the right trigger points are touched - everyone can open up, even those who previously seemed rather closed and "opaque"."
Mr. Landgraf, Chief People Officer


"What is there to say except: ABSOLUTELY TOP! Rainer knows how to motivate a group to achieve top performance. We were completely satisfied, thank you for the great time!"
Ms. Ullraum, Marketing


"Rainer was part of our strategy workshop and enriched our workshop with his experience and his authentic and pleasant manner and gave us many points on where and how we can develop further as a company/team. His moderation was goal-oriented and also made us smile in some places, so that there was a pleasant atmosphere in the workshop at all times."

Mr. Phillipp, Managing Director


2023 Top 100 Expert by the BVMID - Federal Association of SMEs in Germany

2023 Top Service Provider 2023 by Proven Expert

2023 Top Recommendation 2023 by Proven Expert

2023 Top expert for corporate success and leadership by ERFOLG magazine

2023 Speaker Stars Alliance

2022 Excellence Award by Herrmann Scherer

2021 Gold Award by Herrmann Scherer



Die besten Dreier im Business

ISBN : 978-3-910485-01-3

22.00 €


Erfolg ist ...

ISBN : 978-3-99060-196-9

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