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Ralf Kemler

"Effective, clear & respectful leadership - for better results"



Management, Leadership & Change


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Ralf Kemler
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Ralf Kemler, a passionate trainer and speaker with a degree in business administration, is an expert in leadership excellence - true to his principles: effective, clear and respectful. He is a dynamic and innovative trainer and speaker, characterised by an impressive career in the financial services industry. His professional journey began in sales, where he developed a deep understanding of market needs and customer focus. From there, he progressed to various sales leadership positions, which allowed him to hone his skills in team leadership and strategic sales development. As project manager of a nationwide project to ensure the quality of advice and as head of sales coordination, he demonstrated his communication skills and strategic planning, where he optimised sales strategies and processes. Today, he imparts his concentrated, tried and tested knowledge of success in coaching sessions, seminars and lectures.  He is a master at captivating and inspiring his participants with practical knowledge. Kemler encourages inner clarity to strengthen external effectiveness in order to achieve measurably better results.


Leadership needs courage -  
Clear on the inside & effective on the outside

  • Why attitude is more important than leadership styles
  • How to become aware of your strengths and 
    develop an inner attitude that allows you to take effective action
  • How to give employees responsibility, 
    lead with a desire for results and create space for the essentials


Leadership Excellence - 
Leading with inner strength instead of borrowed power

  • How to find the right balance between control and freedom for employees 
  • How to deal confidently with unplannable situations and maintain an overview
  • How to keep a cool head under uncertainty with a system and make clear decisions

Change as a success factor? - 
Change as a growth engine!

  • How to recognise and effectively use your 
    recognise your room for manoeuvre and use it effectively
  • How to create transparency with the right communication strategy 
    create trust and make people want to shape the future
  • How to utilise the momentum of change, 
    unleash unexpected forces and achieve better results with a pioneering spirit

References & Press

A guy who brings added value - authenticity at it's best!  

Oliver Naumann, Owner of R+V Generalvertretung Naumann & Mayer GmbH


A TOP analysis in the run-up to each event, a professionally thought-out event schedule combined with the flexibility to adapt the plan to the reality of the event at any time, leads to a holistic, very good realisation experience.

Frank Rockensüß, Head of Operations


Ralf Kemler impresses with his absolute professionalism, pronounced authenticity and combines this with his own experience - he knows what he is talking about.

Elmar Buter, Investment Management Manager


Mr Kemler is a professional across the board. You can feel that he is not just doing his "job", but is tackling the issues with a lot of passion, commitment and heart and soul with a "hands-on" mentality.  I would like to thank you for the great guidance and support and the professional partnership. A clear and absolute recommendation!

Martin Eckel, owner


Clarity, professionalism and always garnished with a pinch of humour

Sascha Nägel, owner of R+V Generalvertretung Sascha Nägel


During my long professional career, I have come across many so-called trainers and knowledge brokers who certainly meant well, but only rarely implemented their ideas well or very well. With Mr Ralf Kemler I experienced the opposite. Objective, calm, friendly and appreciative, to name just a few attributes, characterise him. In a very short space of time, he manages to increase the excitement and enthusiasm to such an extent that you are prepared to quickly throw any reservations overboard. This also contributes to a fruitful result.

Dirk Enders, expert for corporate clients


Ralf Kemler Podcast


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  • Business talk

  • Interview

  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

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