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Ralf Schmitt, moderator, author and speaker, is the change mindset expert when it comes to a humorous approach to change. He shows you how to release inner blockages and face unknown situations with spontaneity and flexibility instead of fear. Who wouldn't want a little more confidence, spontaneity and flexibility in order to better master the challenges of everyday (professional) life? The author has practical tips and methods to help you lose your fear of making mistakes and trust in your own abilities instead. Ralf Schmitt is an expert and lecturer in event moderation and his interactive presentations are both entertaining and instructive! He bridges the gap between information and amusement, shows you how to get through life with fun and how to master unknown situations with confidence and eloquence. He encourages you to be courageous, true to his motto "Change - nobody likes me and I'm here anyway".


I'm totally spontaneous if I'm given plenty of notice

  • How to achieve more in your private and professional life with spontaneity
  • How to anchor a yes culture, make courageous decisions and rediscover your creativity
  • Create your own adventure land and thus a foundation for innovation

Change - Nobody likes me and I'm here anyway

  • Change mindset for a successful future
  • Yes culture for everything that is yet to come
  • Culture of experimentation and the joy of the new
  • Humor helps - don't take yourself too seriously, the change will come anyway
  • Thinking for yourself is fun and makes your company fit for the future

Kill your rabbit - fail, cheer up, move on!

  • Experimental culture instead of error culture - don't panic about the new
  • Gifted - mistakes that others have already made
  • Fuck-up night thought differently
  • Bad decisions, good stories for the road to success

Event moderation

  • spontaneous & humorous
  • confident & interactive
  • flexible & competent

References & Press

References (excerpt) 

German Savings Banks and Giro Association, Deka, Procter & Gamble, Comdirect, Henry Schein, Bauking, Deutsche Rentenversicherung, ADG, Raiffeisen LB Kärnten, Bora

"The audience [at the Petersberger Trainer Days] is one of the most demanding you can have: Trainers and personnel developers who are often on stage themselves and want to move others. You mastered this challenge perfectly. You captured the audience with a lot of charm and humor and delivered your content in a witty and entertaining way. Your keynote speech is not only funny, but also inspiring, refreshing and different." manager Seminare


"We would like to thank Mr. Schmitt for his professional, committed and uncomplicated cooperation, with which he enriched our event not only for our participants, but also for us as a team ..." 
Sonja Nachförg, Training Manager, Procter & Gamble



Ich bin total spontan - wenn man mir rechtzeitig Bescheid gibt

ISBN : 3849568946

16.99 €


Kill dein Kaninchen!: Wie du irrationale Ängste kaltstellst

ISBN : 3869368322

19.90 €


30 Minuten Spontaneität

ISBN : 3869367679

9.90 €


Ich bin total beliebt, es weiß nur keiner

ISBN : 3280055016

9.90 €


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  • Workshop

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