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Reza Razavi

The Magic of Transformation - How We Shape the Future in Business and Society Together gestalten



Management, Leadership & Change


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Reza Razavi
Speaker Reza Razavi
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Courage, passion and transformation are the hallmarks of Reza Razavi's career. He gives transformation a face. Born and raised in Iran, he moved to Germany at the age of 14 without his parents and studied business administration, business informatics, and data and information management. While still a student, he began his career in the restaurant business by opening a trendy eatery. In addition to further professional stations in product and project management as well as in management consulting, he finally dealt intensively with the topics of culture, management and strategy at the Management Center in St. Gallen. At the BMW Group, he was responsible for culture and transformation as a senior expert and advised managers and employees as an in-house consultant. Today, Reza Razavi is an independent consultant, sparring partner and speaker on the topic of transformation of business and society. With the Imago Principle he developed, he makes transformation sensually comprehensible and, despite all its depth and complexity, understandable and comprehensible - at the level of companies and at the level of society. With an open mind, a love of images and stories, and networked thinking, he creates an overall picture of transformation far removed from the often polarizing Silicon Valley discussions.


The Imago Principle - 
The Magic of Transformation in Business & Society

  • How to renew yourself and your system to remain viable and fit for the future
  • How you recognize and actively shape the issues of the future
    How to transform the DNA of your system into the new world
  • How to recognize the dos and don'ts of transformation

Cooperation culture as a success factor -
What we can learn from nature for our business success

  • How to make your system sustainably successful with the right balance between competition and cooperation
  • How to focus on the good of the overall system and profit
  • How to establish cooperative leadership and a culture of responsibility
  • How to structure your organization so that it becomes a perpetual motion machine

Update Corporate Culture! - 
Why the dynamic world of today needs a new mindset for the answers of tomorrow

  • How to align your business strategy with your culture and create tailwinds
  • How to take your employees on the journey from "now to next land
  • How to put your old patterns and habits to the test, shed ballast and release unimagined energies


Further topic:

Successfully shaping the future with a new culture of dialog. Conflict and dispute culture!







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"Dear Reza, I still remember your lecture at goetzpartners very well. The imago effect and thinking in new imagery worlds inspired me a lot. Thank you again for this!" Sebastian Olbert


"Dear Reza, Thank you very much again for the sensational presentation." Dagmar Werther


"Hello Mr. Razavi, many thanks to you for giving us an impulse on the topic of culture. Everyone was still thinking and pondering afterwards, which is great."


"With your moving lecture, unagitated and in a wonderfully authentic, precise way, you captivated everyone and caused storms of enthusiasm. You were great and thus contributed significantly to the success of the event. And this is also shown by the evaluation of the participants via the feedback survey. Congratulations on a great award with a score of an absolute five points! No one has managed that so far!" Annette Wasmer, SCHEELEN® AG


"... You have been by far the highest rated speaker. I suppose you are used to that...." Barbara Rossié, Süddeutscher Verlag Veranstaltungen GmbH 





Die Magie der Transformation: Wie wir Zukunft in Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft gemeinsam gestalten (Haufe Fachbuch)

ISBN : 3648157639

29.95 €



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