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Rico Montero
Trainer Rico Montero
  • Rico Montero - Keynote Freestyle Rap-Up @Macher-Festival 2021

  • Heartbeat Rap Part 1 | 20. Stuttgarter Wifo

  • Heartbeat Rap Part 2 | 20. Stuttgarter Wifo

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Expert in team building, motivation and innovation.


Rico Montero is a rapper, speaker, trainer and the founder of Heartbeat Edutainment. His uniqueness lies in his ability to combine entertainment, education and business in an inspiring way and to inspire people from different industries in equal measure.


With extensive expertise in team building, Generation Z recruitment, employee retention and the emotional anchoring of messages and values, Rico offers a wide range of experience and know-how.


In his interactive workshops and presentations, Rico Montero uniquely combines corporate culture, values, strategy and change processes and skillfully integrates these elements with rap, singing, songwriting and music production.


A special highlight for your corporate event is Rico's impressive talent as an outstanding entertainer and show act. His unique ability to present corporate values, complex events, speeches and content in captivating rap form adds a refreshing dynamic to corporate events and creates unforgettable goosebump moments.


Rico Montero is undoubtedly the perfect choice to enhance your events and inspire your teams. His unique combination of talents will ensure that your message is delivered in an impressive way.


+ Teambuilding Excellence - Team strength in the spotlight

  • Sharing corporate culture: Defining values, mission and vision, engaging employees.
  • Developing talent and utilizing team strengths: Individual skills for company goals.
  • Attracting and promoting Generation Z: Attractive employer brand, targeted promotion, long-term retention.

+ Futureskills Excellence - a culture of innovation that rocks

  • Promoting skills for the future world of work: Developing targeted skills to meet the demands of tomorrow.
  • Innovation as the key to success: promoting creative thinking and innovative ideas within the organization.
  • Exploiting the opportunities of content creation: Recognizing and using media production as a path to innovation.


+ Motivation Excellence - Become the star of your company

  • Ignite passion and motivation: Recognizing and harnessing individual drives to achieve peak performance
  • Strengthen team motivation and achieve goals together: Inspiring employees and increasing motivation within the team.
  • Use resilience as a source of motivation: Develop the ability to learn from setbacks and challenges and use them as an incentive for top performance.

+ Showact Excellence - Keynote Performance


Rico's unique ability to present corporate values, complex events, speeches and content in a captivating rap form adds a refreshing dynamic to corporate events and creates unforgettable goosebump moments.

References & Press

Rico Montero is a speaker and resident artist for the EU Commission at the Social Economy Summit, the Landesdemokratietag and the Baut eure Zukunft sustainability conference organized by Deutsche Bank and Social Impact.


He is an expert in team building, motivation and innovation and has many years of stage experience as well as over 350,000 Spotify and 550,0000 YouTube clicks.


Excerpt from reference list:


"I've seen a lot, but I've never experienced a format like this - I'm thrilled." 



"Montero believes in the medium of music as a multiplier for his own development."
Rüsselsheimer Echo


"Whether on location or digitally - Rico takes words from the audience 'on the fly' and raps a complete song that has heart and mind." 

Start Foundation


Further references:


Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, 1. FSV Mainz 05, Hertie Stiftung, Lebenshilfe, Economic Congress of the European Commission, Landesdemokratietag, Malteser, Common Purpose, Start Stiftung, Social Impact, Stiftung Polytechnische Gesellschaft, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Akademie für Innovation & Management and many more.


Awards & nominations:


  • Top 100 trainer, awarded by "Speakers Excellence" 
  • Top 6 social entrepreneurs for the Role Model Award 2023 by STARTUP TEENS
  • Come-Together Award for Democracy and Human Rights
  • Winner Deutsche Bank & Social Impact "Nationwide Education Award Impact Fund
  • Winner of "Crowdfunding Contests" German Integration Award of the non-profit Hertie Foundation
  • Federal "Start Social" program - under the patronage of Angela Merkel: "Top 100 Entrepreneurs 2021"
  • Federal program "Wirkung Hoch" 100 German Stifterverband: "Top 100 Entrepreneurs 2021"
  • Finalist Ernst & Young Public Value Award
  • Finalist Bertelsmann Foundation "My Good Example Award"


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Expert Marketplace - Rico Montero - Impressions 1
Expert Marketplace - Rico Montero - Impressions 2

Presentation types

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Infotainment

  • Audience interaction

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

  • Show-Act

  • Workshop

  • Hosting

  • Interview

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