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Rüdiger Böhm
Speaker Rüdiger Böhm
  • Rüdiger Böhm - Experte für Motivation & Veränderung

  • Definiere Ziele die SEXY sind! | Rüdiger Böhm

  • no legs no limits | Rüdiger Böhm im Impuls-Interview

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Rüdiger Böhm is pure motivation! The expert for change impresses with his unique life story. As a top athlete, he loses both legs and almost his life in a traffic accident shortly before his 27th birthday. 30 days of coma, 30 weeks in hospital and a long way back follow. He accepts this extreme change powerfully and fights his way back to a fulfilled life. Today, the mental coach is a role model for everyone and shows new perspectives for personal success and mental strength. As the only football coach without legs, with the highest DFB coaching license, he trained many of today's Bundesliga professionals. He knows what it takes to successfully master change, achieve big goals and shape top teams. What is true in top-class sports is also true in business! Passionate and full of energy, the motivation expert inspires the audience in his lectures. Böhm encourages people to never give up and to constantly overcome their limits for personal and corporate success. Clear, genuine and humorous, he gets to the heart of the matter.


Change 4.0 - Successful in times of digital transformations

  • What is really needed to successfully master even extreme change in life and in business?
  • Why do we find change so difficult, especially in times of digital transformation?
  • How to inspire yourself and others for change and how innovation emerges from it.

Goals - your motive(ation) for peak performance

  • Experience what goals can make of you and use this power as pure motivation for peak performance.
  • What effects do defeats have and how can you use this power of failure for the next step?
  • What does it take to stay on the road to success with enthusiasm and ease in the long term?

Resilience - Your key to success in turbulent times

  • What influence does resilience have on you and your success and how important is this ability, especially in crisis situations?
  • What you can do to act agilely, resiliently and calmly even in turbulent times.
  • How do you always stay focused, mindful and full of power for the next step even in critical moments?

BOOST your TEAM -With passion and respect into the highest league

  • Learn from top sports what is really necessary to form successful TEAMs and establish them at the top
  • How to develop the BOOST for your TEAM with clear goals and the right focus 
  • How to find a key to sustainable TEAM success with respect and inner drive

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"Rüdiger Böhm has managed to use his fate to bring a normality to his own life and to the lives of others that I have not experienced a second time. He is the motivator you never forget!"
Axel Kahn, CEO, PIXX-Agentur

"Motivating, inspiring and 100% authentic."
David Wälti, INTERSPORT Schweiz AG

"A very authentic and passionate speaker who triggers great emotions in the audience and delivers valuable impulses that can be implemented by everyone! Top!"
Udo Herrmann, Präsident, Lions Club Amorbach-Miltenberg



no legs no limits!: Grenze oder Herausforderung - du entscheidest!

ISBN : 3903090093

19.95 €



"A serious accident has changed his life. Successful athlete Rüdiger Böhm lost both legs in the process - but not his courage to face life.", this statement is made by the Swiss TV station Tele-Zurich after a visit to Rüdiger Böhm at home. Look at the contribution to it here on.

"Football coach in wheelchair" –Rüdiger Böhm from Erbach has never given up and despite all this has always set himself new and higher goals. Here to the article of the Frankfurter Rundschau by Rüdiger Böhm.

Our top speaker Rüdiger Böhm - no legs no limits, keynote speaker, ... not only has a moving life story, but also various inspiring lectures on the topics: Change, goal achievement, team success and motivation. Here is an interesting article about him: Zum Artikel

Portrait Rüdiger Böhm: Jack of all trades with a handicap. Zum Artikel 

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