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Samir Ayoub
Entrepreneur Samir Ayoub
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Samir Ayoub is the owner and CEO of the designfunktion Group, a passionate entrepreneur and the authority when it comes to New Work and New Office. He loves turning visions and missions into reality with his teams. Mr. New Office is what his friends and closest customers call him, after all, he has personally accompanied more than 750 successful New Office projects over the last 25 years. "New Office" for him stands for office and work environments that help companies achieve their strategic goals. True to the motto: "Space works!". He gathered his industry know-how at strong brands such as Vitra, Knoll International and Bene. His entrepreneurial career began at the age of 26, led him in 2009 to the succession at designfunktion and until 2018 to the tenfold increase in sales and the honor "Bavaria's Best 50", awarded by the Bavarian Minister of Economic Affairs Pschierer. As a speaker, he knows how to convey his extensive experience paired with scientific principles in an entertaining and convincing way. Experience the context of New Office, New Work and New Culture and accelerate your transformation towards a hybrid working world.


New Office Revolution - 
No New Office, No New Work!

  • How office and work environments must change in order to achieve a successful and sustainable transformation to a hybrid working world.
  • How New Office worlds can be designed in such a way that spaces become greenhouses for creativity.
  • What New Work really means and how the transformation into a new culture can succeed

Transformation of working worlds - 
How we need to change offices to be successful tomorrow

  • How to unleash the full potential of your teams - The leverage of effective spaces
  • How to communicate brand and corporate culture through identity-creating spaces - internally and externallya
  • Us-feeling and social bonding - How space becomes the glue of your team
  • Communication and creativity - How space makes your company the nucleus of innovation

5 principles of business succession from the outside - 
my experiences from startup to market leader

  • How to perform at the first appointment so you get a second one
  • How to convince the founder to be the right successor
  • How to get the core team excited about the future

Additional topic:

Culture beats strategy! - 
How values and mission become growth drivers

References & Press

Foundation: 1981
Turnover: 100 Mio+
Employees: 350+
Locations: 18+



  • Munich Founder Award 2011
  • Bavarian Founder Award nomination 3rd place
  • Bavaria's Best 50, Bavarian Lion 2018
  • Bavaria's Best Employers 2019, Great Place to Work
  • Bavaria's Best Employers 2021, Great Place to Work
  • Germany's Best Employers 2021, Great Place to Work
  • Brose Key Supplier 2019
  • German Design Award 2018
  • Iconic Award 2017 Interior Winner

Commissioned studies:

  • Effective office and work environments, Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart 2018
  • Transformation of working environments, Fraunhofer IAO, Stuttgart 2019

Press References:

"Our new working world" - Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, November 19, 2017.

"Radical change? This is what offices look like after Corona." ambista, Oct. 30, 2020


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  • Factual presentation

  • Impulses and motivation

  • Online lecture

  • Practical relevance

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