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Santino Giese is an expert when it comes to digitizing and automating essential business processes. As a trained IT specialist and business economist, the automation expert combines and imparts the best of both worlds. He started his successful career as a programmer of inventory management and CRM systems. At the beginning of the 2000s, Santino turned his focus to his commercial skills and was already using automated processes. In recent years he has developed and integrated countless processes, such as sales processes incl. Sales funnel, as well as after-sales processes for sustainable customer service. As a manager of more than 50 employees, he has conducted more than 1,000 job interviews over the past 10 years. Based on this know-how, Santino designed automated HR & onboarding processes. "Santino Giese knows how to speak," writes the Aachener Zeitung. In his workshops and lectures he gives entrepreneurs and managers important impulses and best practice examples. He brings matters to the point in a comprehensible way and is a pioneer in automation and digitization.


Game Changer Digitization - 
Breaking boundaries, creating strategies, generating growth

  • How to put your business to the test and identify your opportunities 
  • How to identify the real needs of your target group 
  • How to develop a target group-oriented marketing & sales strategy
  • How to start optimally and generate measurable growth


Game Changer Automation - 
ServiceCreating experiences, saving costs, increasing sales

  • How to turn recurring tasks into automated processes and save valuable time for your added value 
  • How to activate existing customers and generate passive sales
  • How to create service experiences and increase customer satisfaction with automated customer care

Welcome on board - 
get in, feel good, get started

  • How to define and automate your "welcome process"
  • How your new employees get the right information at the right time, unsolicited
  • How to lay the foundations so that your onboarding process empowers employees to process learning content independently 
  • How to trigger a feeling of well-being for employees with many small automated steps from day one


Other topics:


EasySelling - We sell you as if by ghost


Time savers - How to automate and eliminate routine tasks

8 automation tools you’ll love


References & Press


“Santino Giese knows how to speak” Aachener Zeitung 

“Santino Giese gives the German economy a head start” Hermann Scherer


  • BVMW
  • Business Beats
  • German Real Estate Fair
  • GmbH Managing Director's Day
  • University of Applied Sciences for SMEs
  • Real Estate Association Germany

Current awards

  • TOP service provider 2021 - ProvenExpert
  • TOP Recommendation 2022 - ProvenExpert
  • Marketing Automation

"I got an idea of the extent to which automation is going to change the world today. Great talk. Informative. Interesting. Exciting. Prof. Dr. Horstmann, Chief Physician

Excellent solution ideas through a broad, cross-industry understanding of processes and needs from the perspective of customers, employees and management." Mr. Martin Becker ,Managing Director BBI GmbH

Anyone who experiences Santino Giese “live and in colour” will quickly recognize: 
This man knows what he's talking about! Mrs von Feld, entrepreneur



Das automatisierte Maklerbüro: Wege zu besseren Margen, mehr Umsatz und Kundenservice, der begeistert

ISBN : 3658332743

44.99 €


Automatisierung sprengt Grenzen: und 59 weitere Impulse zum Erfolg

ISBN : 3947206216

24.90 €



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