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Sara Zehnder
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Sara Zehnder is an expert in leadership and customer excellence with personality. She wants to help people develop professionally and personally so that they enjoy their work and contribute to the success of the company. Sara Zehnder is a cheerful person and regularly inspires her participants in training courses, workshops and coaching sessions. She combines expertise with heart and passion and knows how to light the fire in people. Her clients include small and medium-sized companies as well as international corporations. Her focus is on supporting pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, lifestyle/luxury brands and start-ups. She started her career as a pharmacist and worked her way up to the position of managing director. As a certified Berkeley Executive Coach and Mental Coach, she knows how difficult it is to step out of your comfort zone. She encourages people to take action and realize their full potential.


Customer excellence as a success factor - advise, sell, inspire

  • How to recognize what makes your customer tick, analyse their personal needs and become a wish fulfiller 
  • How to communicate in a customer-oriented way, gain trust and thus reach people emotionally
  • How to strengthen your strengths and become a decisive success factor in sales 

Leadership as a success factor - challenge, encourage, celebrate

  • How to become aware of your talents, act confidently
    and become a role model 
  • How to deploy your employees in a skills-oriented manner, unleash their full potential and develop them into a high-performance team 
  • How to celebrate achieved goals, create team flow and achieve sustainable growth  

Success factor MOTIVation - love what you do

  • How to discover your personal motivators and use them to achieve your goals 
  • Think Pink - How to program yourself for success and release blockages 
  • How to move from vision to action and achieve set goals 

References & Press

Extract of companies: TopPharm Apotheken & Drogerien Genossenschaft, OptikSchweiz, Mavena International AG, agfam, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals AG, Ricola AG, Start-up Academy Basel-Stadt/Basel-Land, Unabhängige Apotheken, Permamed AG, PKZ Burger-Kehl & Co. AG


"We worked successfully with Sara Zehnder for over a year as an external trainer. Her always professional and motivating approach as well as her open and constructive communication style continue to inspire me. What's more, the collaboration is really fun!" 
Dr. Andrea Botomino, Head of Training & Quality and Member of the Executive Board, TopPharm Pharmacies and Drugstores Cooperative


"Sara developed an effective concept for us with group workshops and individual coaching for each sales representative at work in the pharmacy and implemented it very professionally and enthusiastically. The employees really appreciated the coaching sessions tailored to their individual needs and benefited enormously from Sara's many years of experience. And Sara gave the sales team a motivational boost with her positive energy and her open and motivating manner - thank you, faktorzehnder!" 
Reto Flückiger, Managing Director, SimiMed AG & Head of Sales Similasan AG


"Sara Zehnder is a very professional and structured trainer who knows very well how to pick up the participants and guide them through the topic. She is an experienced and likeable speaker, has a lot of energy and comes across as very inspiring. She dares to address sore points and takes a very realistic and pragmatic approach when it comes to working out solutions together. Her change management training is entertaining and efficient at the same time and is effective when it comes to concrete implementation in everyday life." 
Annette Messner, former Managing Director, agfam


"Sara Zehnder is very focused and motivating in her coaching sessions, which is positively infectious." 
Bastian Rasser, former Sales Team Mavena International AG

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