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Sebastian Knoll is THE expert for the understanding of leadership according to the ALM triad, value dialogues among employees and clarity on the topic of personal responsibility and thus stands for more ease, more cohesion and more added value in companies. For many years, he was responsible for the professional and personal development of people in the financial services sector. In doing so, he realised one thing. Many companies are world champions in managing people and in managing themselves on two levels!


  • The first level of "task" - what is to be done? 
  • The second level of "performance" - How do I/you succeed? 
  • The third level of the "person" - What does this do to me/you?
  • The third level often lacks clear ideas and a clear procedure for implementation.


For this reason, Sebastian Knoll and Andreas Bischl, as managing directors of ALM.Führung GmbH, developed the triad of task-performance-people as a modern understanding of leadership.


Today, as a systemic business coach, he supports owners, decision-makers, managers and their teams. With a special focus on the individual with their values, drivers and beliefs, he focusses on a personal 6-step plan with tangible results. Are you ready to get involved?


Wert.voll führen mich und andere - The triangle effect

  • Leading others and leading yourself according to the ALM triad
  • Work In - Feeling good "inside" and "outside"
  • For me as a manager and for my employees

Self-responsibility as a key competence - What prevents me from making changes.

  • Analysing my inner drivers. Which ones stand in my way?
  • Are my beliefs true?
  • If so, how useful are they for my relationship with myself, my counterparts and my customers?

Participants are able to use new thought patterns to understand personal challenges more easily and master them successfully.


My inner compass of values - In dialogue with myself and others.

  • Clarity about your own inner compass 
  • When do I need an inner moderator and who could that be?
  • Self-reflection and dialogue for more added value

ALM.for Business


Two perspectives on why you need this format:

The view of me:

  • economically successful?
  • happy?
  • balanced?
  • Lightness?
  • Self-determination?
  • Self-responsibility?

The view of my employees:

  • Vacancies?
  • Employee satisfaction
  • How happy do your employees feel?
  • How do your employees talk about you in their private lives?
  • How grateful are they that you exist?

Which perspective has the greatest influence on your business?


ALM.for Business brings you clarity.


With my support, you will develop your own personal 6-step plan. We start with your most important focus areas and the associated roles. From your powerful vision, you formulate your attractive goal and translate it into concrete and realisable results.

References & Press

Company list (extract):

  • Savings Banks Association of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Lower Saxony
  • DekaBank
  • Iozzo GmbH & Co. KG
  • Pflegestern gGmbH
  • Ultradex Planungsgeräte GmbH
  • Municipality of Spraitbach

Recommendations: (excerpt)

"... The topic of personal values and how to deal with them hit the mark. All the managers really enjoyed the day and everyone took something away with them. We would love to come back next year. I can only warmly recommend other local authorities to offer this type of training/workshop."
Johannes Schurr, Mayor of the municipality of Spraitbach


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