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Silvia Agha-Schantl
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Silvia Agha-Schantl, communication scientist with almost 20 years of experience as a professional business trainer, moderator and keynote speaker. She is an expert when it comes to sales with know-how. Her clients include renowned (inter)national companies. Her eloquent, dynamic way of imparting knowledge and practical input makes her a sought-after source of ideas and inspiration in the media and in management in the areas of communication, sales and leadership. In 2012, she was the first Austrian to receive an award at the NYCIFF in Times Square in New York, and in 2017 she took first place at the GSA Speaker Games in Germany. She is a fixed point of contact for many managers and managing directors when it comes to improving communicative performance! Her presentations? Inspire, no - they flash! Silvia Agha-Schantl is a real bundle of energy - she knows how to convey scientifically sound know-how in a motivating and activating way. She makes you want to decode your own Know-WOW-DNA in sales.


PowerSelling -

Convince better, sell more, increase turnover

  • How to decode your Know-WOW-DNA in sales and break it down to the point
  • How to program your mindset for success and magnetically attract customers
  • How to use the right questioning technique to find out what the customers really want and avoid objections
  • How to position your prices in a valuable way to avoid unnecessary discount battles


PowerWording -

Powerful communication for more business success

  • How to communicate confidently and inspire in important conversations in 5 steps
  • How to get to the point and convince more quickly with the Know-WOW method
  • How to reach and win people over better in just 3 sentences and not have to be annoyed that you didn't have the right words


PowerLeading - leading to success

  • How to make people want to perform and motivate them to perform at their best
  • How to lead more effectively and create team flow with the leadership triad
  • How to install and sustainably anchor an effective feedback culture
  • How to prevent frustration and avoid employee turnover


Further topics:

The Know-WOW-DNA for more success in communication

Referral management for professionals - simple, efficient, successful

PowerWomen - communicate powerfully and appear confident



References & Press

Excerpt from company references:


"She understood how to convey her immense know-how in an extremely authentic and professional manner and implement it accordingly within the framework of the event. The result? 100 enthusiastic participants who acknowledged the presentation with a standing ovation. That's how it should be."

Ingmar Frieling, Brand General Manager MATRIX, L'Oréal Österreich GmbH


"Agha-Schantl trimmed us from amateurs to sales professionals in just 5 days. All training participants have massively improved their appearance towards our customers."

Siegfried Ebner, Managing Director of Team Styria Werkstätten GmbH


"I have become a real Schantl fan! And I would and will recommend you at any time. A great job you did!"

Martin Winkel, Head of Product Coordination Sales, Allianz


"It was a very successful presentation by you on the subject of 'Sales'. Not only we at INTERNORM were enthusiastic - no, even more importantly, our sales partners were too!"

Jessica Wagner, Marketing INTERNORM


"I'm still blown away! You have succeeded in creating an initial spark, everyone was very enthusiastic and highly motivated!"

Michaela Schinnerl-Schlaffer, Area Manager,



"Thank you very much for the great presentation & Co. were perfect! Only very good feedback!"

Michael Kleindienst, MANDLBAUER BAU




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